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1 Utama Shut Down, Visitors Advised To Screen For COVID-19

The Petaling District Office just ordered the closure of the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, with a call for visitors to undergo a COVID-19 screening!

Find out what happened, and where you can get this COVID-19 screening at 1 Utama Shopping Centre!


1 Utama Shut Down After 4 COVID-19 Cases

Earlier this week, both Parkson Elite and Mac City in 1 Utama Shopping Centre announced that their staff members tested positive for COVID-19.

The Disaster Management Committee of the Petaling District Office just revealed that four individuals tested positive in those incidents – three staff members, and a visitor.

As a result, they ordered the closure of the 1 Utama Shopping Centre starting tomorrow, 11 October 2020, for the purpose of decontaminating the premises, as well as to perform COVID-19 screening for close contacts.

In their statement, 1 Utama Shopping Centre shared the results of COVID-19 testing at their mall :

Based on the information above, we can surmise that a visitor to the Mac City Service Centre, and a second Parkson Elite employee, likely tested positive for COVID-19.


1 Utama Visitors Advised To Screen For COVID-19

The Petaling District Health Office will arrange for COVID-19 screening tests at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, from 9 AM until 2 PM on two days :

The COVID-19 screening tests are prioritised for those who visited these two premises at these specific dates :

If you were in either or both of those affected premises at those dates, please head to 1 Utama Shopping Centre on those two dates to get screened.

You can also call the Petaling District Health Office at 03-7803-0106 for further information.

However, if you are symptomatic before those two screening dates, please head to the nearest hospital IMMEDIATELY for screening and treatment.


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