Were These Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?

I really pity the Thai people. They keep getting accused of kidnapping children from neighbouring Malaysia to have their organs harvested. They have been accused of either stuffing the poor children into cardboard boxes, or just arranging for a drug trafficker bring them across the border, together with his stash of meth and heroin.

In November 2016, we received several messages about a new alarming case involving these evil Thai organ traffickers. Apparently, the Thai government just caught them with hundreds of children who had their organs harvested! Check it out!


Were These Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?

We received two examples of this claim on the same day. They both featured the same alarming picture showing rows of dead children lined up on the floor :

100s Of Children Found With Their Organs Harvested?

Example #1


Yesterday at 8pm the Thailand Govt found a Van with 100’s of Malaysian dead childrens without Organs in their bodies. Their organs were removed n sold. The bodies are wraped in plastics. They were caught by the Thai govt.

Pls becareful with ur children wheather they are going to school, shoping, functions, playgrounds. Pls! Be with them. Dont trust any known or unknown people with your children. Do not let them play alone or go with strangers anywhere.

Take Care all childrens. Inform Police immediately if any childrens introuble or help them. Pls! Share with all ur contacts.

Example #2

700 多个小孩在泰国 border 被 custom 发现。内脏全不见了。

700++ kids body without internal organs were found in Thailand.this is a super bad sad news in this morning. ???

There are those who claim that this is a fake picture. Photoshopped, or using dolls. Unfortunately, the picture is genuine. However, they are not of Malaysian children who have had their organs harvested. Let us tell you what the truth is… but first, let’s take a look at the lack of logic in the claims.


A Van Cannot Possibly Carry A Hundred Dead Children

The first hoax claims that the Thai government found a van with hundreds of dead children. The second hoax has a more specific number – 700. But how many dead children do you think a van can carry?

Maybe a dozen. Maybe two dozen of them. But do you think a hundred can fit in a van? Yeah, now it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?


Hundreds Of Dead Children & It’s Not On CNN?

A dead child would have made the national news, especially if he/she was killed in a bizarre manner. Certainly a child killed for his/her organs would have made the national news.

However, there is no mention of this in any mainstream news media in either Thailand or Malaysia. Only on social media like Facebook, and messaging apps like WhatsApp.

If dozens of children are killed this way, and their organs harvested, you can be sure it would have been INTERNATIONAL NEWS, and there would have been PROTESTS in the streets. Yet, isn’t it curious that there was no mention of it on CNN, BBC, RT, Al Jazeera, etc? No protests? No one cared?


They Are Syrian Children Gassed By Bashar al-Assad

Yes, these are real children, and they are all killed on the morning of August 21, 2013.

On that fateful day, Syrian forces under Bashar al-Assad fired 330 mm rockets armed with chemical warheads containing a nerve agent (most likely Sarin) at the rebel-controlled suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta.

Hundreds of civilians, including large numbers of children (who were most vulnerable), died in the attack. Those are the children you see in the picture. Here are other pictures taken in the aftermath of the attack.

Note how each child has a tape with a number drawn on it. They had to be numbered because it was impossible to identify them in the post-attack chaos. After all, their parents probably died in the same attack.

Presumably, this would allow their photos to be taken for later identification by other relatives. As Muslims, these victims must be swiftly buried according to Islamic tradition – preferably before sunset on the same day.

Sadly, while the Syrian government backed off on chemical attacks, they are still killing children every day. They may not use Sarin or other nerve agents, but artillery shells and barrel bombs continue to kill and maim Syrian children.


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  6. Chanah Robinsky

    assad are not responsible for those dead children, are isis al nusra and the fsa innocent saints isis where behind the sarin attack, assad are defending his country from isis al nusra and the fsa if they would had stayed out of Syria there would had been peace, what’s with you ppl are you unable to think for yourselves assad is not the problem

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  8. Sylum

    Don’t believe the disinformation trolls. These children were all killed by the assad regime. The alawites aka alevi bektashi are crypto jewish mass murdering cult members who are allied with the communists. They are committing genocide against the people of Syria and blaming their Sunni victims for the murders they have committed against thme.


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