12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked

Page 1 : Pigs Eat Shit, Sponge For Toxins, Don't Sweat It, Immune To Poison?

Most religious apologists disgust me. Not because they are religious, but because they come up with the most ridiculous arguments to defend their faith. In fact, many of them have no qualms LYING to defend their religious beliefs. Don’t they know that it’s a sin to lie?

Here is a new example – 12 scientific reasons that backs Islam’s logic of declaring pigs haram. Written by a Muslim apologist called Shahal Khoso Pakistan (S.K. Pakistan), this tract of porcine lies claims to reveal twelve scientific reasons that backs up Islamic logic for declaring pigs as an unclean animal, unfit for consumption.

Let’s examine Shahal’s “scientific” claims and see if they pass muster.


Lie No. 1 : Pigs Eat Shit

Claim #1 : Pigs are absolute garbage guts. They’ll eat anything, from their own feces, cancer growths on other pigs, different sorts of insects, decaying animal flesh and drink their own urine.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : LiveLeak

Verdict : Mostly BULLSHIT.

The Truth : Pigs are opportunistic omnivores. That means they will eat almost everything they’re fed. In farms, that may range from corn- and soy-based animal feed to processed food waste. That’s no different from what cattle and poultry are fed.

Do pigs eat insects? Yes, in the wild, pigs will feed on insects, as well as small mammals. However, they mostly eat plants.

Do pigs feed on their own faeces, urine, decaying animal flesh or cancer growths on other pigs? No. That’s just made up.


Lie No. 2 : Pigs Are Sponges For Toxins

Claim #2 : The pig’s meat absorbs toxins better than any other animal. These toxins spoil the meat and make it dangerous.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : DrJockers

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : All mammals are physiologically similar. They absorb nutrients and chemical elements from their food and water, all of which are toxic at a certain level. That’s why they all have organs (liver and kidneys) that metabolise (detoxify) excessive levels of nutrients and chemicals absorbed from food and water.

Pigs do not have a special physiology that allows their meat to better absorb toxins. If they did, millions of people would have died from being poisoned by toxic pork… Please use some common sense.

The picture of common porcine parasites is not just irrelevant, it is defamatory and hypocritical. All animals are affected by similar parasites, including the cows and sheep that Muslims and Jews are allowed to consume.


Lie No. 3 : Pigs Are Toxic Because They Don’t Sweat

Claim #3 : The pig is the only mammal that does not sweat or perspire, thus, meaning, the sweat and toxins merge in the flesh.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : Animalist News

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : Ironically, he used a picture that points out that pigs have sweat glands, and therefore, do perspire. That makes him wrong on two counts.

Pigs have sweat glands but they are not functional (eccrine) sweat glands. That means they are not used to regulate the pig’s body temperature. Instead, they are apocrine glands that do not secrete sweat but an oily substance. They therefore function like scent glands.

Sweating in mammals is not the main way of excreting toxins. It is, by large, a way to regulate the body temperature. The same toxins excreted in sweat is disposed in far larger quantities in the urine and faeces. What little minerals, lactate and urea that isn’t excreted in a pig’s (hypothetical) sweat is not absorbed by its flesh but excreted in its urine / faeces.

That is also why people who live in cold climates do not die from toxins building up in their bodies, just because they don’t sweat.


Lie No. 4 : You Can’t Kill Pigs With Poison

Claim #4 : Pigs and swine are so poisonous that you can hardly kill them with strychnine or other poisons.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : MotherJones

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : This is such a ridiculous lie, it’s amazing that people actually fell for it. Then again, some people still believe that the Earth is flat…

First of all, both pigs and swine refer to the same animal. They are just different names for the same animal.

Secondly, being poisonous does not make an animal immune to poison. In fact, poisonous animals like snakes and scorpions are susceptible to poisons.

Finally, strychnine is known to be highly toxic to pigs. According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, the oral LD50 dose is only 0.5-1 mg/kg for a pig. A cat, in comparison, has an oral LD50 dose of 2 mg/kg.

The book, Diseases of Swine, goes on to note that pigs poisoned by strychnine often die in less than 1 hour.


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  1. Paddy O'Connor

    I started throwing up after reading this article. The article is correct, pigs are filth and should not be consumed. No more bacon for me.

    1. techarp

      You obviously didn’t read this article, because if you did, you would know that it debunked the hoax that pigs are too dirty to consume. You do understand that lying is a sin in most religions, right? 😀

  2. Tazin

    well done Paddy 🙂
    To, the writer? maybe some of the shit’s in this article are wrong & some are right. Let that left for the scientists to debate!
    My objection is, why are you bringing Quran at last, when you oppose Quran(Islam bans pig)?!

    1. Adrian Wong

      Tazin, all of the original article is bullshit. Read the debunking. SCIENCE has already proven them false.

      As for the Quran, it was brought up to remind all Muslims who share this fake article that it is a SIN to lie… and share lies. It’s FITNAH.


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