12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked!

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Pigs Eat Snakes, Pigs Rot Fast, Super Parasites, Twice As Fat!

Scientific Claim #5 : Snakes Cannot Poison A Pig

Claim : Farmers who keep pigs often open them up to rattlesnakes nest, because even a snake bite cannot poison a pig.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : YouTube

Verdict : Anecdotally true, factually bullshit.

The Truth : Pigs do have a reputation for being immune to snake bites. However, it is not because they are actually immune to snake venom.

A Loma Linda University study actually found that rattlesnake venom necrotised pig skin as quickly as human skin, due to their similarity.

Pigs, however, have the advantage of a thick hide and a larger body mass. Their thick hides reduce the depth of penetration, while their body mass reduce the effect of the venom.

Domestic pigs, incidentally, weigh between 140 and 300 kilograms, but can be as heavy as 600 kg.

So a pig will still be affected by snake bites. They are just tougher and have the ability to survive more snake venom than us puny human beings.


Scientific Claim #6 : Pigs Rot Really Fast

Claim : When a pig dies, the maggots, bacteria and insects eat the pig’s flesh faster than any other animal.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : ScienceBuzz

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : The decomposition time for any dead animal depends on a multitude of factors – body size, ambient temperature, humidity, exposure to the elements and insects, etc.. That means it can vary greatly even for bodies of the same species.

There is no evidence that insects and bacteria consume dead pigs faster than any other animal of a similar size, all other conditions being similar.

In fact, forensic anthropologists use the carcasses of 40 kg piglets to simulate a decaying human body, because their fat distribution, hair cover and ability to attract insects is very similar.

Anti-swine Muslim apologists also have to make up their minds. Is the meat of the pig toxic or not? If it is toxic, then the insects eating the dead body would die from the toxic meat. But if the “clean-up crew” such small insects do not die but thrive on the flesh, what does that mean for their claim of pork being toxic?

This claim is probably designed to scare people into thinking that pork should not be eaten because it rots so fast. The facts simply do not hold up as butchered pork are no less likely to rot faster than any other kind of meats.


Scientific Claim #7 : Pigs Have Super Parasites

Claim : There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, cysts and eggs will be killed.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : VideoJug

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : First of all, all domestic animals bred for consumption have natural parasites, not just pigs. Also, not all animal parasites are harmful to humans who consume them.

So it would be hypocritical to point out that pigs have parasites without admitting that all livestock we consume have parasites.

The parasites that can cause diseases in humans are easily killed by proper food preparation.

In the case of pork, the USDA recommends cooking pork to an internal temperature of 63°C / 145°F and letting the meat rest for at least 3 minutes before consumption.

Alternatively, the CDC recommends cooking pork to a minimum internal temperature of 71°C / 160°F.

Needless to say, thoroughly cooking pork to 100°C / 212°F will kill any parasite, cyst or egg that are in the meat.


Scientific Claim #8 : Pigs Are Twice As Fat As Cows

Claim : A pig’s meat holds twice as more fat as beef, which obviously, is not good for the human body.

12 Scientific Reasons For Declaring Pigs Haram Debunked
Photo credit : Ribshack

Verdict : Absolute BULLSHIT.

The Truth : Pigs bred for food have total body fat percentages of 9.3% to 24.3% (as measured by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry).

Cows, on the other hand, have total body fat percentages of 19% (hay-fed) to 27% (grain-fed). So off the bat, the claim is bullshit.

Of course, the fat content varies from cut to cut. But more importantly, while excessive fat is bad for health, we must acknowledge that the choice cuts always have more fat.

USDA prime-grade beef, for example, must have 6-8% marbled fat, while wagyu beef proudly boasts 20-25% marbled fat.

USDA Beef Grades

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  1. Paddy O'Connor

    I started throwing up after reading this article. The article is correct, pigs are filth and should not be consumed. No more bacon for me.

    1. techarp

      You obviously didn’t read this article, because if you did, you would know that it debunked the hoax that pigs are too dirty to consume. You do understand that lying is a sin in most religions, right? 😀

  2. Tazin

    well done Paddy 🙂
    To, the writer? maybe some of the shit’s in this article are wrong & some are right. Let that left for the scientists to debate!
    My objection is, why are you bringing Quran at last, when you oppose Quran(Islam bans pig)?!

    1. Adrian Wong

      Tazin, all of the original article is bullshit. Read the debunking. SCIENCE has already proven them false.

      As for the Quran, it was brought up to remind all Muslims who share this fake article that it is a SIN to lie… and share lies. It’s FITNAH.

  3. rahim4411

    When l read this article l was shocked by the lies. But as a Muslim the Quran states not to eat Swine and not to deal with intoxicants and gambling and lying.
    There is no absolutely no zero nutrition from a pig it’s a walking disease and garbage disposal. Anyone that claoms you can get your daily vitamins from a pig is a lie. Having a farm of pigs and using this article to make you feel like you’re doing the right thing is a binch of crap.
    Actually its the Bible that says don’t eat swine and don’t EVEN TOUCH IT! Leviticus and Deuteronomy.
    David Spinelli is not well in touch with the bible. He just jumbled things together. Jesus nor anywhere in the bible says you can eat swine. Matthew 5:17 actually Says Jesus said he csme not to destroy the law but to follow it and don’t change a word (which people have done) anyone that traches others not to follow it will not see the kingdom, those that do teach the law will see the kingdom.

    If Jesus said he followed the law how would he then say all animals are clean to eat?
    That is an oxymoron!
    All animals are not clean to eat. A dog is not a clean animal are you telling me we can eat it now. A lot of verses Christians misconstrue for theur cause. Show ne one place in the new testament where you can specially say you can eat swine. I want it to say you can eat swine just like it says you can’t eat swine in the old testament.

    Now lets see if l’m lying. A pig doesn’t have sweat glands. If it doesn’t have sweat glands then the toxins from its body can’t get out. There fir making it poisonous. When l ayed sports l sweat to ventilate and get toxins out out my body, humans do this.

    This just one of many things a pig produces. The good doc posted the lies but don’t actually tell you if you should eat pork or not nor go into depths about it. I can keeps going because of my education on a pig.

    I’ll leave it right here.

    Please don’t eat pork it’s not good for you.

  4. Lali

    Hahahhaa half of this stuff on here is bogus. You are just stating your opinions and not actual facts. Good thing no one actually believes this article or whatever it is. With all the investigations studies and tests I had to do on pork meat I will never consume it again!!

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