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Here Is The Updated Chinese New Year SOP For Malaysia!

Here Is The Updated Chinese New Year SOP For Malaysia!

MKN just updated their SOP for Chinese New Year, replacing the original version which was a source of great mirth.

Take a look at this updated SOP for Chinese New Year 2021!

MKN just reversed their decision! Please see Chinese New Year SOP U-Turn Invites More Questions!


Chinese New Year SOP : First Version Was So Funny!

When the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) announced the Chinese New Year SOP for 2021, it was a source of great mirth!

For example, it suggested that family members of the same household should visit each other!


Updated Chinese New Year SOP For Malaysia!

Just one day later, MKN  issued a new, “corrected” SOP for Chinese New Year!

  • The SOP now applies for the three days – 11, 12 and 19* February 2021.
  • The family is now asked to celebrate at home, instead of visiting each other in the same house.
  • The family reunion dinner is only allowed for family members residing in the same house.
  • The arbitrary limit of 20 people in the same house, was removed.
  • The ridiculous requirement to physically distance in the household was removed.
  • The absurd prohibition for family members to greet or touch each other was removed.
  • No one is allowed to go to temples and houses of worship.
  • Lion / dragon dance is forbidden.
  • Tanglung and Chingay parades are forbidden.
  • Chinese opera and stage shows are forbidden.
  • Pre-celebration sales are only allowed in selected premises. Online purchase is encouraged.

* 19th February is when Pai Ti Kong (Bai Tian Gong) is celebrated by the Hokkien people.

The government should really KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) by banning gatherings and visitations for all 16 days of Chinese New Year – from the eve to Chap Goh Meh.

By only highlighting those 3 days, it opens up the possibility of people misinterpreting the SOP to mean that it’s okay to have reunion dinners or visitations on the other days of Chinese New Year.

Please stay safe, everyone, so that we can celebrate Chinese New Year with our family and friends next year!


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