2021 MCO / PKP Lockdown : Leaked Document Is Not True!

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Is Malaysian government preparing to impose the MCO / PKP lockdown on six states in January 2021? 😱

Find out what’s going on, and what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2021-01-09 : Added the details of PM’s announcement on 11 January 2021


Leaked Document : 2021 MCO / PKP Of 6 States!

A leaked document showing the Malaysian government preparing to impose the MCO / PKP lockdown on six states in January 2021 has gone viral.

Specifically, the key part which states, “DECISION : The meeting agreed that MCO (PKP) be implemented in 6 states, that are Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Melaka, Johor and Sabah, for a period of 2 weeks which will be extended if there is a need“.

It also states that, “The meeting agrees to give the AGC (Attorney General Chambers) a week to prepare the legal provisions to implement MCO (PKP).

Finally, the document also states that, “Mind conditioning should precede the announcement by the Minister of Defence and DG Health on the implementation of MCO (PKP) to assuage the concerns of the citizens.

2021 MCO / PKP Lockdown : Leaked Document Is Not True!


2021 MCO / PKP Lockdown : Leaked Document Is Not True!

The Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) quickly shut down the viral document as FAKE. But that may not be fake for very long…

Fact #1 : MKN Only Disputed On A Small Part Of The Document

Did you notice how MKN deliberately mosaiced the rest of the document? They never did this for their previous debunking of fake news.

It appears that MKN is only disputing a very small part of the document, specifically “Decision : The meeting agreed for MCO (PKP) to be implemented”.

It is possible that MKN is waiting for the AGC to come up with the legal provisions for the 2021 MCO, before making a final decision.

Fact #2 : MOH Requested For MCO Several Times

From our recollection, the Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) earlier stated at least three times that they requested for the implementation of MCO / PKP, but it was rejected by the government.

So it would not be surprising if they are requesting for the implementation of MCO again, now that the hospitals are full of COVID-19 patients.

Fact #3 : MOH Will Propose New Strategies To MKN

On 6 January 2021, the MOH stated that they are studying new strategies to MKN after persistent large increases in COVID-19 cases due to the reopening of interstate travel.

We would not be surprised if one of those strategies will include the implementation of MCO for “red states”.

Fact #4 : The Decision Will Be Announced On 11 January 2021

The Prime Minister of Malaysia will announce the government’s decision on what stricter measures to take on Monday, 11 January 2021.


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