2023 Election Voter Wearing Short Pants Blocked From Voting!

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A voter in Penang was allegedly stopped from voting at the 2023 election because he wore short pants! Here is what you need to know!


2023 Election Voter Wearing Short Pants Blocked From Voting!

Sin Chew Daily just reported that a voter in Penang was allegedly stopped from voting at the 2023 election because he wore short pants. The incident reportedly occurred at a polling centre in Berapit, Bukit Mertajam.

According to the incumbent state assembly representative for Berapit, Heng Lee Lee, the voter arrived at the polling station at 7:45 AM, but was ordered return home and change his pants because they did not cross the knee. Her team immediately disputed the order, and the person-in-charge acknowledged the mistake.

When my campaign team heard about the incident, we immediately made our way to the polling centre and spoke to the person-in-charge, where we presented evidence that the Election Commission (EC) did not implement an attire guideline.

The person-in-charge subsequently recognised the mistake and no longer prevented those who wore short pants from voting.

Heng Lee Lee said that such incidents set a dangerous precedent, and shows how “extremist” ideologies have taken root in individuals who now act as “moral police”.

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2023 Election Voter Wearing Short Pants Blocked From Voting!

This isn’t the first time Penang voters have been prevented from voting in elections because they wore short pants.

Back in May 2018, an Election Commission (SPR) officer was slammed by Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng for blocking a voter who wore short pants from entering the polling station in his constituency of Bagan.

The SPR officer was seen urging the male voter to return home to change, saying:

Other days (you) can (enter). What to do? They do not allow, so go change and enter directly.

The man was ultimately able to vote, but it was not known if he was only allowed to do so after he changed his pants. When confronted, the officer admitted that there was no such regulation prohibiting the voter from entering the polling station to cast his vote.


Truth : You Can Wear Short Pants To Vote In 2023 Election

Regardless of whether it is the 15th General Election, or the current 2023 election, there is nothing prohibiting voters from wearing short pants, or even slippers, when they go to the polling stations to vote.

According to Section 26(1)(g) of the Election Offences Act of 1954 (Act 5), voters can wear anything they want as long as their clothes do not have :

  • the name of any electoral candidate
  • the symbol of any political party

In other words, if you prefer to wear shorts and slippers, go on right ahead. Or if you prefer to dress up, more power to you!

Some people share photos like this example of the dress code for government offices in Malaysia. Please note that the government office dress code does NOT apply to elections!

You do NOT have to follow this dress code to vote in Malaysia!

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Is There A Dress Code For GE15 Election Voters?!

During the previous 15th General Elections, the Malaysia Election Commission (SPR) issued a statement refuting that office dress code claim, as well as the infographic below.

The SPR also stated clearly that the government office dress code does NOT apply in any election polling station.

Voters do not have to dress according to government office attire at polling stations. The EC has not and will not prevent a voter from entering a polling station as long as the voter is appropriately dressed.

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