The Rojak Pot Error 404 Page Not Found Explained!

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Meowwww… We are sorry but Error 404 means this page has either been PERMANENTLY REMOVED, or is TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

The Rojak Pot Error 404 Page Not Found Explained!


What Is Error 404?

Also known as HTTP 404 – File not found error, this is a standard HTTP response code when you request a page that does not, or no longer, exists.


Why Has It Been Removed?

If the article has been removed, it was most likely due to Google’s increasingly draconian censorship policies which forbid anything that is controversial or sensitive.

This includes, but is not limited to, articles that :

  • contain gruesome, graphic, or disgusting accounts or imagery.
  • depict acts of violence.
  • contains nudity.
  • is sexually gratifying, sexually suggestive and/or intended to cause sexual arousal.
  • discusses sexual fetishes.
  • is about sexual entertainment.
  • promotes sexual merchandise.
  • facilitates affairs and/or sexual encounters.
  • provides advice regarding sexual performance.
  • promotes sexual enhancement medications or supplements.

Sounds decent, doesn’t it? Only problem is – they use bots that cannot differentiate between fake news and fact checks, or healthcare and porn.

This is not just about the advertisements they serve. Sites that do not comply with their requirements will be penalised and ranked MUCH lower in search results.


Could It Be Redirected Or Renamed?

That’s definitely possible – we are only human, and may have forgotten to add a proper redirect.

Try searching for the article name or subject and you could find the article you are looking for under a different name or URL :


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