Can 4th Vaccine Dose Shut Down Immune System?!

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Did the mainstream media just admit that the 4th vaccine dose can shut down our immune system?!

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : 4th Vaccine Dose Can Shut Down Our Immune System!

Anti-vaccination activists are excitedly sharing this Good Morning America (GMA) video, claiming that the mainstream media has now admitted that the 4th vaccine dose can shut down our immune system!

For your convenience, here is my transcript of the relevant part of the video (at around 1:05) :

People who have high antibody levels… there is the potential – I want to underscore the potential, we haven’t seen any evidence of this immune phenomenon known as tolerance, where if you already have high antibody levels, and you get another booster that your immune system can start to say, well, what am I needed for, and can kind of start to shut down.


Truth : No Vaccine / Booster Dose Can Shut Down Our Immune System!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created by anti-vaccination activists to scare people into not protecting themselves against COVID-19.

Let me share with you the FACTS, and tell you WHY this is just fake news…

Fact #1 : Jennifer Ashton Was A Guest On GMA

First, let me establish some context of the video. It was a Good Morning America (GMA) video, in which Dr. Jennifer Lee Garflen Ashton was a guest.

She is a board-certified obstetrician and gynaecologist, who is also ABC News chief medical correspondent. You will see that stated on the chyron at about 0:08 of the video.

Fact #2 : Video Was On Antibody Surge From 4th Vaccine Dose

The GMA segment was discussing the May 9, 2022 study published in the Lancet, showing that the 4th vaccine dose (a second booster dose) delivered a large surge of antibodies.

Fact #3 : Video Was Recorded On May 10, 2022

The video is actually pretty old, being recorded two months ago – on May 10, 2022.

It was only in July 2022 that anti-vaccination activists stumbled on what Dr. Jennifer Ashton said in that video.

Can 4th Vaccine Dose Shut Down Our Immune System?!

Fact #4 : Tolerance Does NOT Shut Down Immune System

When Dr. Ashton said that your immune system “can kind of start to shut down“, she was referring to your immune system ignoring the vaccine, not that it would actually shut down your immune system.

This phenomenon is known as immune tolerance or immunotolerance, which she also mentioned in the video. It happens when your own immune system no longer reacts to the allergen (like peanut or a vaccine).

If you develop a tolerance to the vaccine, your immune system does not shut down. The vaccine simply does not trigger the immune system to produce additional antibodies. It just goes, “Who cares???”

Fact #5 : Dr. Ashton Said There Was No Evidence Of Tolerance

In the video, Dr. Ashton stated very clearly that “we haven’t seen any evidence of this immune phenomenon known as tolerance“.

She was only mentioning tolerance to explain why the CDC is being cautious and recommending the 4th vaccine dose – a second booster dose – only for 50 years and older, or those who are immunocompromised.

Unfortunately, anti-vaccination activists are twisting her words to convey the false narrative that the 4th vaccine dose can shut down our immune system.

Fact #6 : COV-BOOST Study Showed No Evidence Of Tolerance

The study the GMA video was discussing looked at whether the fourth dose, which is a second booster dose, would deliver a good boost of antibodies, or trigger tolerance and therefore produce little to no additional antibodies.

This study was based on the COV-BOOST trial – a multicentre, blinded, randomised controlled trial (RCT) of third doses, in which there was a sub-study of a fourth dose.

The study, which was peer-reviewed and published in the Lancet, showed that there was no immune tolerance to the 4th vaccine dose.

In fact, it showed that the 4th vaccine dose induced a significant boost in antibody levels, especially for the elderly – those who are 70 years and older.

14 Days After
4th Dose
Less than
70 Years Old
70 Years Old
+ Above
vs. Day 28 after 3rd Dose +37% +68%
vs. Day 0 after 4th Dose +745% +1239%

Fact #7 : Anti-Vaccine Claims All Proven False

This is yet another example of anti-vaccination activists twisting the facts to deceive you into believing that vaccines are dangerous.

So far, their COVID-19 vaccine claims have proven to be false… at every instance!

Please help us FIGHT FAKE NEWS by sharing this fact check article out, and please SUPPORT our work!

And please protect yourself, and your family, by vaccinating against COVID-19!


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