Scam Alert : 50% Discount On PDRM + JPJ Summons!

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Warning – the viral offer of 50% discount on JPJ and PDRM 50% summons is a scam!

Find out what’s going on, and why it is just a scam!


The Viral JPJ + PDRM 50% Discount Scam

This message (with our English translation) has gone viral on WhatsApp, claiming that PDRM and JPJ are offering a 50% discount on summons until 20 July 2022.

Saman JPJ dan PDRM 50% Discount
50% Discount On JPJ And PDRM Summons

Rm300 = Rm150
Rm250 = RM125
Rm150 = Rm75
Rm100 = Rm50

Mahkahmah Court
Non- Compound

Untuk semak saman jpj kene bayar Rm10 untuk satu no.ic
To check for JPJ summons, must pay RM10 for each identity card number

Promosi ini tanya sampai 20/7/2022
This promotion is only until 20 July 2022

For more information xxxxxx (WhatsApp) +60-11-xxxxxxx

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Scam Alert : 50% Discount On PDRM + JPJ Summons!


Why JPJ + PDRM 50% Discount Is A Scam!

Here are the reasons why this is yet another scam circulating on WhatsApp…

Fact #1 : There Is Currently No PDRM / JPJ Discount On Summons

First, let me just confirmed that there is currently no discount on PDRM or JPJ summons.

In the past, PDRM and JPJ offered PDRM + JPJ Traffic Offences : How To Get 80% Discount?, but that was long over – ending in December 2021.

If they actually introduced new discounts on summons, you can be certain that it would be announced on their official websites and social media accounts, and not spread by WhatsApp messages.

Fact #2 : PDRM Confirmed It’s Fake News

On 17 July 2022, PDRM confirmed that the viral WhatsApp message is fake. They are not offering any discount on summons.

PDRM secretary Datuk Noorsiah Mohd Saaduddin said the police are tracking down the individuals responsible for the fake advertisement, which offered up to 50 per cent discount on PDRM and the Road Transport Department (JPJ) summons.

Scam Alert : 50% Discount On PDRM + JPJ Summons!

Fact #3 : You Will Lose Money You Send These Scammers!

Needless to say – DO NOT send them money to pay your traffic summons at the “50% discount”.

Any money you send them will not go towards paying off your summons. It is a SCAM.

If you have money to spare, consider supporting my work here at Tech ARP instead.

Fact #4 : Checking JPJ + PDRM Summons Is FREE!

The scam does not just involve tricking you into sending them money. It also involves the RM 10 fee for checking your summonses.

Here is what you need to know – you can actually check your summonses for FREE!

So even if they don’t trick you into sending them the “discounted” fee for your summonses, they are still tricking you into paying them the RM 10 fee for doing something that is free.

Fact #5 : Viral Message Has Horrendous Grammar

An official announcement would not have such bad grammar. The scammer couldn’t even spell mahkamah (court) correctly!

If you see offers on WhatsApp or even social media (Facebook, Twitter) with bad grammar – they are probably scams.

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