99 Speedmart Stops Using Single-Use Plastic Bags!

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99 Speedmart just stopped using single-use plastic bags! Here is what you need to know!


Claim : 99 Speedmart Is Charging RM2 For Plastic Bags!

People are sharing this warning on WhatsApp and social media, warning that 99 Speedmart is now charging RM2 for plastic bags, instead of the standard 20 sen rate.

To encourage customers to bring their own bags, starting from May 1st, Speedmart 99 will charge RM2 for their recycle bag instead of the usual 20 cents. Better bring ur own bag when shopping for groceries at 99.


Truth : 99 Speedmart Has Stopped Using Single-Use Plastic Bags!

This appears to be a misunderstanding of a new 99 Speedmart policy to stop using single-use plastic, and move to reusable bags. Here is what you need to know…

Fact #1 : Pollution Charge For Plastic Bags Is 20 Sen Minimum

In May 2022, all state governments in Malaysia agreed to implement a pollution charge on plastic bags, with a minimum charge of 20 sen each. This is part of the “No Plastic Bag Campaign” already carried out in Penang, Selangor and Johor since 2021.

Money collected from the pollution charge does not go to the business collecting them, but instead, goes to each state government.

Fact #2 : 99 Speedmart Stops Using Single-Use Plastic In May 2023

99 Speedmart announced on April 1, 2023, that it would stop using single-use plastic from 1 May 2023 onwards.

Say NO to plastic bag! 🌎
99 Speedmart will stop using single-use plastic bag effective from 1st May 2023. Customers are encourage to bring your own reusable bag or may purchase our “Bag for Life” with only RM2 at any 99 Speedmart outlets near you.

Perhaps they should not have posted it on April 1, because apparently many people thought they were joking…

But I personally called 99 Speedmart and they confirmed that it is genuine. From 1 May 2023 onwards, they would no longer offer single-use plastic at their outlets, not even if you are willing to pay 20 sen each.

99 Speedmart Stops Using Single-Use Plastic Bags!

Fact #3 : 99 Speedmart Will Offer RM2 Bag For Life Instead

Instead of single-use plastic bags, 99 Speedmart will offer customers the option to purchase its Bag for Life for RM2 each.

The Bag for Life is a reusable bag that is not only larger, it can be used again and again. On top of that, it will be replaced for FREE if it’s damaged after months or years of use.

That’s why they are calling it Bag for Life – you pay RM2 for a lifetime of use with each reusable bag, which is truly a great initiative!


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