Adults 40 & Above Can Now Get COVID-19 Booster Dose!

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The COVID-19 booster dose is now available to adults who are 40 years and older!

Here is what you need to know…


COVID-19 Booster Dose Now Open To Adults 40 & Above!

Malaysia started the COVID-19 vaccine booster dose programme on 13 October 2021, targeting medical and security frontliners, people who are 60 years or older, and people with co-morbidities.

On 9 November 2021, the Ministry of Health announced that the booster dose programme would henceforth be open to younger adults. The new criteria to receive the COVID-19 booster dose is now :

  • all frontliners
  • adults without co-morbidities : 40 years and above
  • adults with co-morbidities : 18 years and above

In addition, the booster dose will only be given to those who received these vaccines :

There is currently NO booster dose programme for the AstraZeneca vaccine, because its protection appears to remain strong even after 6 months.

You will receive the Pfizer booster dose, even if you were given the Sinovac vaccine earlier. This mixing of vaccines (called heterologous vaccination) is not only safe, it gives you a bigger boost in protection against the coronavirus.

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Adults 40 & Above Can Now Get COVID-19 Booster Dose!


COVID-19 Booster Dose For Adults : A Quick Primer

As of 12 November 2021, only the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for use as a booster dose in Malaysia.

The Pfizer booster dose is the same as the first two doses of the COMIRNATY vaccine  – 30 micrograms in a 0.3 ml intramuscular injection.

For those who earlier received the Pfizer vaccine, the booster dose works like a refresher class in college, offering your immune system a third self-defence class against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It also kickstarts the production of new antibodies against the coronavirus.

For those who earlier received the Sinovac vaccine, the Pfizer booster dose works like a different, better self-defence class. Instead of learning Tai Chi for the third time, you are now learning Wing Chun or Krav Maga.

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Can You And Should You Get A Sinovac Booster Dose?


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