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AirAsia DOMESTIC Unlimited Pass : Not Worth The Hassle!

The AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass promises UNLIMITED AIR TRAVEL to local sixteen destinations, for a whole year!

But as usual – AirAsia introduced enough caveats to make it not worth a hassle for most people


AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass : What Is It?

Now that Malaysia is under Recovery MCO, AirAsia announced a domestic Unlimited Pass for just RM 399 to kickstart their business.

This is the domestic version of their earlier international Unlimited Pass, which lets you book unlimited flights to sixteen local destinations within Malaysia for a year.

AirAsia BIG Members can purchase this special pass from 11 June to 13 June 2020, and redeem flights from 25 June 2020 until 31 March 2021.

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AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass : Not Worth The Hassle!

For those who don’t have the time to read, here is our quick summary of what you need to know :

  1. COVID-19 will prevent / discourage you from using this Unlimited Pass for many months.
  2. You are NOT guaranteed tickets, because there are limited promo seats on each flight.
  3. It will not apply during embargo periods – weekends, public holidays and school holidays.
  4. Families should NOT bother. Holidays should be fun, not torture.
  5. You must be willing to book your ticket, and be seated, separately from anyone you are travelling with.
  6. It is best purchased and used by retirees, or singles / couples who have flexible working arrangements and can travel on working days.
  7. We also recommend it for business travellers – this can really save them a lot of money!

Since you won’t be able to use it during weekends, public holidays and school holidays, the Cuti-Cuti Malaysia tagline is really misleading…


AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass : Who Should Buy It?

First of all, you must want to fly pretty frequently to these sixteen destinations.

The best people to buy it should meet these requirements :

Everyone else should not bother. Really. Holidays should be fun, not torture.

But it could be very useful for BUSINESS TRAVELLERS, saving them a lot of money if they can plan their travel more than 14 days in advanced.


AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass : Why Not Worth The Hassle?

Reason #1 : COVID-19 Is Still A Pandemic!

Even though Malaysia is doing very well in the fight against COVID-19, the pandemic isn’t over. In fact, COVID-19 will persist and spread between countries for many more months to come.

Until people around the world are vaccinated against COVID-19, it is likely that Malaysia will encounter additional waves of COVID-19 infections.

If you are not willing to take this risk, you may end up not flying all that much, even if you buy the Pass!

Reason #2 : There Are Limited Flights

The pass does NOT guarantee you to any flight. You can only use it to redeem flights that AirAsia has earmarked with 100% OFF signs.

On top of that, there are limited tickets available on each flight. If you see a qualifying flight without the 100% OFF sign, that probably means the free tickets have been taken up.

You can select flights without the 100% OFF sign, but you will have to pay full price for them.

Reason #3 : These Restrictions Will Make Life Difficult

It’s stated in their Q&A (conveniently located in a separate Q&A page) that :

These limitations are designed to reduce your ability to fly as often as you would like using the Pass. Families, for example, must be willing to be seated separately.

Unless you are single or a couple, and able to travel during work days, you may not even have the opportunity to use the AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass at all!

Reason #4 : You May End Up Paying A LOT MORE!

You may end up paying A LOT MORE if you fly as a group, due to limited seats allocated to this pass.

What will likely happen is that a few members of your group will be able to use their Pass, while the others will have to pay full price for their tickets.

The way out would be to split the group up, and fly on separate flights. But obviously, this makes travel much more of a hassle.

And remember – even if you get to fly out with this pass, you may not get to do so on the way back.

You may have to pay full price, unless you are able and willing to adjust your return date according to what’s available for the Unlimited Pass.

Reason #5 : Fuel, Baggage + Other Fees

Even if you manage to book many flights using this Domestic Unlimited Pass, they aren’t free. You will still need to cough up extra money for ancillary fees.

Budget airlines like AirAsia make a large percentage of their profits not from flight tickets, but from ancillary revenue – administrative fees, baggage fees, assigned seat fees, flight insurance, cancellations, documentation, meals, merchandise, fuel surcharges, etc.

Frequent AirAsia travellers will tell you that these ancillary fees often cost as much as, or even more, than the flight tickets!


AirAsia Domestic Unlimited Pass : The Fine Print!

AirAsia conveniently lists the caveats of the Unlimited Pass in two sections in a separate Q&A page, which we have combined and summarised here (with our emphasis) :


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