AirAsia Unlimited Pass : How To Plan + Book Your Flights!

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If you have already purchased the AirAsia Unlimited Pass, here is our step-by-step guide on how to plan your travel and book your flights!


AirAsia Unlimited Pass : How To Plan + Book Your Flights!

As we pointed out earlier, the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is NOT for everyone. But if you are able to benefit from it, here is our guide on how to plan your travel and book your tickets.

AirAsia Unlimited Pass : How To Plan + Book Your Flights!

Step 1 : Log into your BIG Member account.

Step 2 : Make sure your BIG Member profile name is exactly the same as the name in your passport.

Step 3 : If necessary, please change your profile name to match your passport.

You only have one (1) chance to change your name, and you cannot change it once your first flight redemption is confirmed. So make sure you do it before redeeming your first flight!

AirAsia Unlimited Pass steps

Step 4 : Go to Deals and look at the My Purchases tab for your AirAsia Unlimited Pass.

If you cannot locate your Unlimited Pass after purchasing, check back after a few hours. If the problem persists, email AirAsia at [email protected].

Step 5 : Generate your Unique Code.

Step 6 : Click Apply Now, and the page will refresh to show a flight search page.

Step 7 : Select your destination and travel date.

The AirAsia Unlimited Pass allows you to redeem these flights :

  • From Kuala Lumpur (return) : Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Amritsar, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Sapporo (Chin Chitose), Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo (Haneda), Tokyo (Narita), Jeju, Seoul, Busan, Taipei

  • From Bangkok (return) : Brisbane, Shanghai, Sapporo (Chin Chitose), Osaka, Tokyo (Narita), Nogoya, Fukuoka, Seoul

  • Others (return) : Taipei – Osaka, Taipei – Okinawa, Osaka – Honolulu

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Flights with seats listed as 100% OFF are available to be booked by AirAsia Unlimited Pass holders.

If your selected flight has no 100% OFF sign, that means the AirAsia Unlimited Pass is NOT available for the selected date, or the selected date falls on the Embargo Period.

AirAsia defines the Embargo Period as a travel blackout period, during which you cannot use the Unlimited Pass. It includes these upcoming holidays in Malaysia :

AirAsia Unlimited Pass Embargo Dates

Step 8 : Insert your Unique Code into the “Promo Code” field.

You will see the airport taxes and fees payable for that sector, with the total payable taxes and fees at the black box at the bottom for the return trip.

Here is a list of mandatory government taxes and fees for a 2-way return trip for available destinations :

AirAsia X Taxes and Fees

Step 9 : Add your baggage, meals and seat allocations!

Step 10 : Complete your booking by paying the necessary taxes, fees and add-on fees.


AirAsia Unlimited Pass : Warning!

AirAsia would like us to remind everyone that your Unlimited Pass cannot be returned, refunded or transferred.

They will also void your Unlimited Pass if you are no-show for 3 consecutive times for your confirmed flights.

So make sure you REALLY want to fly to those destinations on those dates before booking!


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