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No, Alcohol In Hand Sanitiser Won’t Catch Fire!

People are sharing a viral post about a lady who badly burned her hands after the alcohol from the hand sanitiser she used caught fire!

Find out why alcohol in hand sanitiser will NOT catch fire, and yes, this is yet another Internet hoax!


Will Alcohol In Hand Sanitiser Catch Fire?

There are two versions of this viral hoax circulating on social media.

Note : We added a HOAX disclaimer to the original photo, to prevent it from being used to fool more people.

This lady here applied sanitizer on her arms and went to the kitchen to cook. The moment she turn on the stove, her hand caught fire due to the alcohol contained in the sanitizer. Do be very careful.

这位女士在这里用消毒剂擦手臂,然后去厨房做饭。 当她打开火炉的那一刻,由于消毒剂中的酒精,手着火了。 要非常小心。

Attention everyone !!!

I just heard terrible news. A family of friends uses hand sanitizer and goes to the kitchen to cook.

As a result, when the HV gas stove is heated his hands burn as his hands contain hand sanitizer and go to the kitchen without washing his hands.

We use hand sanitizer that contains alcohol, so it’s easy to burn. Hope everyone should wash their hands before cooking

Don’t be careless, this sharing is true, not a joke, remember Remember!

Please send it. Another person knows and can avoid another victim.


No, Alcohol In Hand Sanitiser Won’t Catch Fire!

Now, let’s look at why this is yet another Internet hoax…

Alcohol Evaporates Completely!

The alcohol in alcohol-based hand sanitisers will evaporate COMPLETELY when you rub it all over your hands.

If there’s any residue, that would be additives in the hand sanitiser – usually moisturiser to counter the drying action of the evaporating alcohol.

Unless you leave it to pool in your hands, the alcohol will evaporate completely, leaving nothing to catch fire.

That’s A Skin Graft Donor Site

If we are not mistaken, that picture is of a burn victim whose forearms were harvested for skin grafts.

You can see the sharp edges on her right forearm – an actual burn would not look like that.

You can also see the pattern on the donor site – marks of the dermatome.


What About That Hospital Memo On Alcohol Catching Fire?

You may have seen this Penang Adventist Hospital internal memo circulating around the same time.

If you actually read it carefully, it merely points out that alcohol-based hand sanitisers are POTENTIALLY flammable, which is true.

So it makes sense for them to warn that it would be a good idea to keep alcohol-based hand sanitisers away from high temperatures and flames.

But nowhere did it state that the alcohol in such hand sanitisers can catch fire AFTER you use it to sanitise your hands!


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