Did Alexei Navalny Die Suddenly From Vaccine SADS?!

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Did Alexei Navalny die suddenly from COVID-19 vaccine SADS?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Alexei Navalny Died Suddenly From Vaccine SADS!

Right after news broke that Alexei Navalny died suddenly in a remote Russian penal colony, some people immediately claimed or suggested that Vladimir Putin’s most feared opposition leader was killed by the COVID-19 vaccine!

Richard : So according to the most recent autopsy results of Alexei Navalny, the 47-year-old’s cause of death is a blood clot in the heart.

Doctors suspect it was caused by vaccination against the coronavirus with the Pfizer vaccine. Apparently Navalny was vaccinated four times…. #Navalny #AlexeiNavalny #Nawalny

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Did Alexei Navalny Die Suddenly From Vaccine SADS?!


No Evidence Alexei Navalny Died From Vaccine SADS!

It’s now tradition for anti-vaccine activists to blame all sudden deaths or illnesses on the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are the reasons why this is yet another example of fake news created and propagated by anti-vaccine activists…

Fact #1 : Alexei Navalny Died Suddenly In Arctic Prison

Alexei Navalny (born Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny / Алексей Анатольевич Навальный on 4 June 1976) died suddenly at the FKU IK-3 Arctic Circle penal colony in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug on Friday, 16 February 2024.

His death was announced by the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) the same day, which stated that Navalny lost consciousness after a walk. Medical workers at the penal colony attended to him, and an emergency medical team was called.

On 02/16/2024, in correctional colony No. 3, convicted Navalny A.A. felt ill after a walk, almost immediately losing consciousness. The medical staff of the institution immediately arrived, and an ambulance team was called. All necessary resuscitation measures were carried out, which did not give positive results. The doctors of the emergency medical service pronounced the convict dead.

Several Russian state-owned news agencies reported that an ambulance arrived at the scene in less than 7 minutes, and performed resuscitation measures for more than half an hour. However, they failed to revive Alexeï Navalny, who was then pronounced dead at 2:17 PM local time.

His mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, 69, received an official note the next day, on Saturday, 17 February. Alexei Navalny was 47 years old when he died.

Fact #2 : An Autopsy Is Being Conducted On Alexei Navalny

The Investigative Committee of Russia announced that “a set of investigative and operative measures” will be undertaken to determine Navalny’s cause of death, and his body would only be released to his family after the investigation was complete. The Russian authorities can legally hold his body for up to 30 days.

According to Novaya Gazeta, Alexei Navalny’s body was taken to Labytnangi, before being taken to a clinical morgue in Salekhard in the evening. His body allegedly had bruises consistent with chest compressions, which indicated that attempts were made to resuscitate Navalny.

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Did Alexei Navalny Die Suddenly From Vaccine SADS?!

Fact #3 : Alexei Navalny’s Cause Of Death Has Not Been Revealed!

It seems absurd for anyone to claim that Alexeï Navalny died from the COVID-19 vaccine, when his official cause of death has not been announced.

His mother was told by the prison that Alexei Navalny died from “sudden death syndrome”. However, there is no such diagnosis of death according to the ICD-10, which Russian doctors must follow.

In any case, “sudden death syndrome” has nothing to do with COVID-19 vaccines, and is a general term for any sudden, unexpected death from natural causes”.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sudden death syndrome (SDS) is defined as the sudden, unexpected death from natural causes witnessed within one hour of symptom onset, or if there are no witnesses – death occurring within 24 hours of someone being seen alive and symptom-free.

Russian propaganda outlet RT, citing an anonymous source, reported that Alexei Navalny died from a blood clot. While that is possible, it is not possible for anyone to know that without first conducting an autopsy.

Until Alexei Navalny’s official cause of death is revealed after his autopsy is complete, take these claims with a pinch of salt. More so if the sources are Russian state-owned media outlets.

Fact #4 : Unknown If Alexei Navalny Was Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Despite claims or suggestions that Alexei Navalny was fully-vaccinated, receiving four doses of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, there isn’t any actual evidence that he ever received the COVID-19 vaccine.

It is possible that Alexei Navalny was unvaccinated against COVID-19, because the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory in Russia. In fact, many people who were injured or died suddenly were actually unvaccinated, like Kris Jordan, Aaron Carter, Kirstie Alley, Stephan Bonnar, Shane Macaulay, David Wayne Burleson, and Kaden Clymer.

Until and unless his family (or the Russian authorities) reveal his COVID-19 vaccination status, anyone who tells you that Alexei Navalny was vaccinated or otherwise, is likely lying to you. None of us know that.

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Did Alexei Navalny Die Suddenly From Vaccine SADS?!

Fact #5 : Russia Never Approved Any mRNA Vaccines

Even if Alexei Navalny was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Russia, it is almost a certainty he never received any mRNA vaccine. That’s because Russia has never approved any mRNA vaccine to date.

Alexei Navalny was hospitalised in Germany in December 2020, and flew back to Russia on 17 January 2021, where he was immediately detained and imprisoned. This was before COVID-19 vaccination was available to his age group in Germany on 17 May 2021, so he couldn’t have gotten his mRNA vaccine then either.

Fact #6 : Russian Vaccines Do Not Have Four Doses

It also seems quite impossible for Alexei Navalny to have received four vaccine doses. as many have claimed.

After all, Russia only approved four COVID-19 vaccines, two of which were approved for a third (booster) dose. There is no fourth dose for any COVID-19 vaccine in Russia.

Even Alexei Navalny was vaccinated against COVID-19 in Russia, he would have received at most – three doses of the Sputnik V or Sputnik Light vaccines.

Fact #7 : Vaccine Side Effects Appear Within Hours / Days

Even if Alexei Navalny was fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, he would have received his doses more than two years ago! He cannot possibly have suffered from a vaccine side effect, because they appear within hours or days, not months later.

Mild side effects like injection site pain, fever, muscle ache, headache, lethargy develop within minutes to hours of the vaccination. Anaphylaxis develops within minutes, while other severe adverse reactions like myocarditis and VITT develop within days or weeks.

The spike proteins produced by the COVID-19 vaccines also do not stick around for months. If these spike proteins are permanent (as antivaxxers claim), we would have lifelong immunity.

Your own immune system will identify the spike proteins as foreign, and destroy them within a matter of days, although some may last for up to a few weeks. This is part of how vaccines teach your immune system to identify the enemy and destroy it.

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