Did American Racists Attack Chinese Restaurant?!

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Did an organised gang of American racists just attack a Chinese restaurant in New York City?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : American Racists Attacked Chinese Restaurant!

People are sharing this video of a gang of hooded individuals ransacking a Chinese restaurant in New York City, as an example of hate crime by American racists against Asians and the Chinese in particular.

Organised gangs in US destroy Asian owned businesses

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No Evidence American Racists Attacked Chinese Restaurant!

This video has gone viral on WeChat and WhatsApp, which are commonly used by Chinese netizens and the Chinese diaspora. It has also been posted on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

This incident happened very recently, and is a developing story, but here is what we know so far…

Fact #1 : Viral Incident Happened On March 4, 2023

Let’s start with some basic facts on what happened.

At around 8:20 PM on March 4, 2023, a group of about 20 masked individuals took an elevator to the third floor of a corner mall in College Point, Queens, New York City.

Wearing masks and hoodie sweatshirts, they stormed into the Fish Village restaurant, flipping tables and chairs smashing dishes and utensils, while customers were eating. They also broke a window during the minute-long mayhem.

They then quickly left the Fish Village restaurant, as quickly as they entered. The attackers did not use weapons, or take any property with them.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, but restaurant manager Tony Hu said that they suffered about $20,000 worth of damages. The restaurant also have to comp the 30 or so customers who had their dinners so rudely interrupted.

From the time they entered to the time they left, it only took a minute. They didn’t say a word. We have no idea what was happening. I was behind the register and was in shock. Then I ran to call 911, but by the time I got through, they were already gone.

Did American Racists Attack Chinese Restaurant?!

Fact #2 : Attackers Were Asian / Hispanic Teenagers

While some people are claiming that this was evidence of a hate crime by White racists or black hooligans attacking Asian / Chinese businesses, that’s not true according to the restaurant manager, Tony Hu.

Hu, who does not speak English, told CBS News that the attackers were Asian or Hispanic teenagers. Some people even labelled them as “kids in hoodies”, while others pointed out that it does not appear to be a hate crime:

I frequent this building, it has a bunch of high end Chinese restaurants, hotel, has a gated parking lot and this restaurant is on the 3rd floor

Makes me think it is a targeted attack, not a random flash mob

Other people suggest that the attack may have been a warning by Asian organised crime.

Big Trouble in Little Chinatown. The Triad Gangs are Back in business. This is typical Triad extortion scheme. Pay $20,000 per month to the Triad or else.

These were Asian people behind those masks. This was extortion or gang activity, which is prevalent in Asians communities. But the NYC Media paints ADOS/Black faces as the culprits of all crime in our city

The New York Police Department is investigating this incident as Criminal Mischief, and not a hate crime.

Did American Racists Attack Chinese Restaurant?!

Fact #3 : Police Are Still Not Able To Identify The Attackers

Despite knowing that they were being recorded on video, the attackers did not assault the person recording them. This is likely because they were fully covered up with face masks, and hoodies.

And their tactic appears to be working, making it impossible for law enforcement to identify them. The New York Police Department is still investigating the incident, and has not yet made any arrests.

Two days later, mayor Eric Adams called on New Yorkers to remove their face masks when entering businesses, to cut down on crime.

Let’s be clear. Some of these characters going into stores that are wearing a mask, they’re not doing it because they are afraid of the pandemic.

They’re doing it because they’re afraid of the police, and we need to stop allowing them to exploit the safety of the pandemic by wearing masks, committing crimes.

Again, there is no evidence that this was the work of American racists targeting Asian / Chinese businesses.

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