Did Arnold Schwarzenegger develop heart problem from vaccine?!

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger develop heart problems after getting vaccinated against COVID-19?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Arnold Schwarzenegger Developed Heart Problems From Vaccine!

Right after Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that he underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker, some people immediately claimed or suggested that the Hollywood icon and former California governor developed heart problems after getting vaccinated against COVID-19!

Salty Texan : Arnold Schwarzenegger now has a pacemaker and has had 3 open heart surgeries

I’m sure the “SCREW your Freedoms” vaccines had nothing to do with it.

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Die Of Heart Attack?!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Did Not Develop Heart Problems From Vaccine!

This is yet another example of fake news created or promoted by anti-vaccine activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A Congenital Heart Defect

Let me start by pointing out that Arnold Schwarzenegger was born with a bicuspid aortic valve – a congenital heart defect. The aortic valve normally has three cusps, but Schwarzenegger was born with just two cusps.

That may not sound like much, but it can develop into other heart problems like aortic valve stenosis, aortic valve regurgitation, or even an enlarged aorta that can eventually tear, leading to an aortic dissection.

Obviously, the COVID-19 vaccines cannot possibly cause his congenital heart defect, or its associated heart problems.

I stayed in touch with my medical team and visited in person at least once a year to get a full check-up and see how my heart was doing. That’s life with a genetic heart issue. But you won’t hear me complaining.

Fact #2 : Arnold Schwarzenegger Had Three Open Heart Surgeries

I should also point out that Arnold Schwarzenegger had three open heart surgeries in the past – long before COVID-19 vaccines were invented.

  • In 1997, he underwent surgery to replace his pulmonary and aortic valves.
  • In 2018, he underwent another surgery to replace the ageing pulmonary valve.
  • In 2020, he had surgery to replace his aortic valve.

I should point out that all those surgeries occurred before the first COVID-19 vaccines were approved. So the COVID-19 vaccines were definitely not responsible for his heart problems.

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Die Of Heart Attack?!

Fact #3 : Irregular Heartbeat From Old Scar Tissue

Arnold Schwarzenegger explained in his podcast that old scar tissue from his last surgery was causing him to have an irregular heartbeat.

… some scar tissue from my previous surgery had made my heartbeat irregular. It had been like that for a few years.

Fact #4 : Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not In Poor Health

Based on his latest results, his doctor told him to get the pacemaker as soon as possible, so he quickly had it done, and went on with his life pretty quickly after that:

I told them I’d stop in Cleveland on my way home from the UK, and we’d do it. Monday, I went under and got my new machine part installed.

Like I said, by Friday, I was out doing my normal environmental work, and nobody knew anything. I can’t do my serious training in the gym for a while, but I will be 100% ready for FUBAR next month!

To be clear – Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t dying, or in poor health, from heart problems.

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger develop heart problem from vaccine?!

Fact #5 : Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Family History Of Heart Problems

Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken public about his heart problems, and even shared that he has family history of heart problems.

His mother and maternal grandmother both had heart valve problems. In fact, his mother died in 1998, after not getting the valve replacement surgery she needed.

Fact #6 : Vaccine Injury Claims Not Backed By Evidence

Finally, I should point out that all these claims that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heart problems were caused by the COVID-19 vaccines are not backed by any evidence.

Never mind he had long-standing heart problems years before the COVID-19 vaccines were invented, none of those who made these claims offered any evidence his heart problems were caused by COVID-19 vaccines.

Just to be clear – COVID-19 vaccines cannot travel back in time to give him a congenital heart defect…

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