AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : Look Out For The Alert!

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If you signed up for the waiting list in the first AstraZeneca vaccine opt-in programme, please look out for the alert!

Get ready to receive your AstraZeneca vaccination any day now!


AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : What Is It?

When the first AstraZeneca opt-in programme kicked off, all 268,800 slots were taken up in just 3.5 hours!

However, the government allowed people to register for the waiting list, even when all available slots were gone.

Those who signed up for the waiting list would receive this confirmation message, telling them that they would be given a slot if anyone withdrew from the programme.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : Look Out For The Alert!


AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : Check For The Alert!

Now that more AstraZeneca vaccine doses have arrived, the government is ready to kick off the second round of the opt-in programme.

The AstraZeneca Vaccine Opt-In Round 2 will prioritise senior citizens, but those on the waiting list for Round 1 will already start receiving their call-up alerts.

So please check MySejahtera to see if you received the WAITLIST alert :

  1. Open MySejahtera
  2. Tap the Close button on the upper right corner of the default Check-in page.
  3. You should see the MySejahtera main screen, and it should show you a new COVID-19 Vaccination option.
  4. Tap on the COVID-19 Vaccination option.

How To Register For COVID-19 Vaccine On MySejahtera!

  1. Tap on the first option – Vaccine for [your name here].

How To Register For COVID-19 Vaccine On MySejahtera!

  1. If you have been selected for the new Waiting List, you should see your 1st Dose appointment updated, with a location and date.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : Look Out For The Alert!

NOTE : Please DO NOT go over on the date stated. You will NOT be allowed in.

You are only on the waiting list. You must wait for a call from the vaccination centre, who will confirm that there is a spare dose and give you your time slot.

Then make your way to the vaccination centre at the appointed time slot. DO NOT GO EARLY.


AstraZeneca Vaccine Waiting List : Any Preparation?

Please continue to take any medication you may have for your medical conditions.

You are free to consume any food or water before vaccination. This is not a surgical procedure that requires fasting.

The only things you need to bring are :

  • your medications (in case you need to ask the doctor about them)
  • a smartphone with MySejahtera
  • your MyKad / passport
  • a pen and something stiff to write on (if possible)

We would highly recommend that you check out our guides on the vaccination process at these vaccination centres :

Once you are done, please don’t forget to take a picture and share it with your family and friends!

Please encourage them to sign up for the mainstream vaccination programme, and the second AstraZeneca opt-in programme!

Video + Picture Guide To WTCKL Vaccination Process!


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