Did Australian Study Show Spike In Vaccine Excess Deaths?!

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Did a new Australian study show a spike in excess deaths from the gene-based COVID-19 vaccine?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Gene-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Linked To Spike In Excess Deaths!

People are sharing an Epoch Health article which claims or suggests that an Australian study by Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry (of the Spikeopathy fame) show a link between “gene-based COVID-19 vaccines” and a “spike in excess deaths”.

Here is an excerpt from the Epoch Health article which is long (archive). Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Australian Researchers Call for Pause on Gene-Based COVID-19 Vaccines Amid Spike in Excess Deaths

In one region of Australia, there were 23 times more adverse reactions from COVID-19 vaccines than all other vaccines combined.

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Truth : mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Not Linked To Spike In Excess Deaths!

Let’s take a closer look at the various claims in the Epoch Health article, and the Australian study, and find out what the facts really are!

Fact #1 : The Article Was Not Peer-Reviewed

Let me start by pointing out that the Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry article can be read in full here (archive).

Its innocuous title – Gene-based COVID-19 vaccines: Australian perspectives in a corporate and global context – does not hint at a vaccine link to excess deaths.

According to Epoch Times / Epoch Health themselves, this paper has not peer-reviewed before its publication in the January 2024 issue of Pathology.

Fact #2 : WAVSS + DAEN Reports Are Unverified

Even though the Epoch Health article suggests that the “authorities” are “reporting high levels of adverse events”, it appears that the Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry article was referring to deaths reported to the Western Australian Vaccine Safety Surveillance (WAVSS) system, and the Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) system in Australia. There are two big problems with that.

First, adverse events reported to both vaccine safety surveillance systems are not necessarily vaccine side effects. Adverse events are “unfavourable” or “unintended” events that happen after vaccination or taking a drug, like having an anaphylactic reaction or getting into a car accident.

Secondly – both WAVSS and DAEN have explicitly pointed out that those adverse event reports are unverified and have to be investigated to determine if they are even related to the vaccines:


  • Inclusion in the DAEN – medicines does not mean that the details of the event have been confirmed, or that the event has been determined to be related to a medicine or a vaccine.‌
  • We encourage people to report suspected side effects (also known as adverse events), even when it is not clear that a medicine or vaccine was the cause. These suspected side effects are listed in the DAEN – medicines and reflect the observations of the person who reported the event.
  • The TGA uses adverse event data, together with other scientific information, to identify and investigate potential safety issues for medicines and vaccines.


An adverse event following immunisation (AEFI) is an unwanted or unexpected event occurring after the administration of a vaccine.

Such an event may be caused by the vaccine or occur by chance after vaccination (that is, it would have occurred regardless of vaccination).

An AEFI may be due to:

  • A person’s response to a vaccine
  • AEFIs also include conditions that may occur following the incorrect handling or administration of a vaccine
  • Coincidence, ie. it would have occurred regardless of vaccination

To be clear – there is no evidence that all of those deaths reported to both vaccine safety surveillance systems have been tied to the COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, the TGA has only determined that 14 of those 983 deaths were linked to any COVID-19 vaccine.

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Fact #3 : COVID-19 Vaccines Use Spike Protein As Antigen

The Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry article appears to be singling out “Gene-based mRNA and viral vector DNA” vaccines as the cause of excess deaths in Australia, because they are “novel” and “experimental”, where as “traditional [vaccine] technologies” use “viral antigens”.

The truth is – all COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of their underpinning technologies, use the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein as the antigen to trigger our immune system to learn how to defend itself against an actual COVID-19 infection.

Fact #4 : mRNA + Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines Are No Longer Experimental

The Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry article appears to claim that the mRNA and viral vector vaccines are still experimental, because their clinical trial work was “incomplete” because they lack a placebo arm.

The truth is – COVID-19 vaccines are no longer experimental after they receive their Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) or full approval.

  • The Pfizer COMIRNATY mRNA vaccine received its EUA on 11 December 2020, and full FDA approval on 23 August 2021.
  • The Moderna Spikevax mRNA vaccine received it EUA on 18 December 2020, and full FDA approval on 31 January 2022.
  • The AstraZeneca viral vector COVID-19 vaccine received its EUA from the UK on 30 December 2020, and from the WHO on 15 February 2021.

To be clear – these COVID-19 vaccines were no longer experimental by the time they were approved. Even after approval by various regulatory agencies across the globe, they continue to be monitored for safety and efficacy.

Fact #5 : Placebo-Controlled Trials Are Sometimes Considered Unethical

I should point out that placebo-controlled trials are generally considered to be unethical whenever there are effective and safe treatments / vaccines. That’s because people on the placebo arm will be placed at risk of death or injury.

For example, in 1954, over 420,000 young children participated in the inactivated polio vaccine trial with 200,000 given a placebo of salt water. At the end of that placebo-controlled trial, 16 children in the placebo group died from polio while another 34 were paralysed.

The decision to “drop” the placebo arm in COVID-19 vaccine trials wasn’t something exceptional, or done as a “special favour” to “special interests”. Back in 2014, a WHO expert panel was convened to address this issue, and they issued their recommendations on the use of placebo controls in vaccine trials.

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Fact #6 : Viruses Inject Genetic Code Into Our Cells

The Peter Rhodes and Peter Parry article warns about the risk of “genetic code” from mRNA and viral vector vaccines entering our cells:

Genetic code must enter human cells and undergo translation before intended active outcomes unfold. Unintended consequences are thus possible, as recent reviews attest.

The first source of that claim was Spikeopathy – a poorly-cited article (cited by 4 so far) by Peter Parry himself (and other contributors), which I fact checked earlier. It was just a “literature review” which made use of some opinion articles. Even when it cited proper research, its interpretation appears to be misleading.

The second source referenced for this claim is a similarly poorly-cited article (archive, also cited by 4 so far) which argues for a new term called “Post-COVID-19 vaccination syndrome (PCVS)”. However, that second source only suggested that injecting mRNA vaccines into the veins (which is not the correct way) can cause myocarditis, while injecting virus vector vaccines into blood (also not the correct way) can cause “thrombocytopenia and coagulopathy”.

The truth is – the translation of mRNA instructions into proteins, or DNA instructions into mRNA and then into proteins, is a normal process that is undertaken by all of our cells all the time. That is how our cells make proteins!

What the article fails to mention is that viruses like the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus inject their own genetic code to hijack our cells into producing copies of themselves, which are then released to infect even more cells, in an ever expanding chain reaction.

Unlike viruses though, vaccines do not multiply. So, if you are worried about foreign genetic code being injected into your cells, then you should get vaccinated, so the circulating antibodies the vaccine produces can block the COVID-19 virus from infecting your cells!

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Fact #7 : COVID-19 Vaccines Prevent Death + Hospitalisation

The COVID-19 vaccines were primarily designed to prevent death and hospitalisation, not transmission. That’s why the endpoints of all COVID-19 vaccine trials were their safety and efficacy against death and hospitalisation from severe COVID-19.

Regardless of what politicians and other people may say, blocking transmission was always meant to be a nice bonus if it occurred, but never the endpoint of any COVID-19 vaccine. That’s because the first slew of COVID-19 vaccines were meant to be injected, and the antibodies they produce would circulate in the blood, and would not be able to “block” transmission of virions (the complete virus particle) in the respiratory tract.

In fact, the COVID-19 vaccines were also not designed to block infections. If you look up any COVID-19 vaccine trial, you will notice that one of their endpoints was preventing “symptomatic infections”. That’s because vaccinated people may test positive from swab tests that detect the presence of viruses (virions) in their respiratory tract, but they may not be symptomatic because circulating antibodies (from the vaccine) are blocking the COVID-19 infection from spreading and causing symptoms.

So arguing that the COVID-19 vaccines are a “failure” because they do not “prevent infection or transmission” would be wrong and misleading. They prevent death and hospitalisation from severe COVID-19.

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