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Did Balenciaga Create These €895 Water Bottle Slippers?!

Did Balenciaga create these €895 plastic water bottle slippers?!

Take a look at the viral photos, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Balenciaga Is Selling Water Bottle Slippers For €895!

The Internet has gone crazy over photos of the new Balenciaga water bottle slippers, with comments like these :

“Bottle slippers? Balenciaga is testing how far people will go in the name of fashion” quip netizens as #Balenciaga Conceptualizes slippers made out of plastic bottles

#NEWS: Balenciaga releases ‘Bottle Slippers’ — with price tag of $1,000 USD, you coppin ??

Whose up for a pair of bottle slippers from Balenciaga? Only 895 euros

A number of fashion and celebrity blogs have also jumped onto the bandwagon, posting about these new high-fashion water bottle slippers.


Truth : Balenciaga Is NOT Selling Water Bottle Slippers For €895!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS on social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Balenciaga Water Bottle Slippers Do NOT Exist

First, let me just state that Balenciaga did not create any water bottle slippers. Those fancy and super-expensive water bottle slippers do NOT exist.

The viral photo showing that these bottle slippers can be purchased on the Balenciaga website for €895 was photoshopped.

That is indeed Justin Bieber in the photo below… but he did not model those bottle slippers either!

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Fact #2 : These Bottle Slippers Were Created By neondazer

These viral water bottle slippers were just a concept created by a Russian artist / designer called neondazer (Max Arnautov).

He posted photos of the water bottle slippers, including the edited photo of Justin Bieber wearing them, on his Instagram on August 25, 2022.

Wassup hypebeasts, cop or drop? 😂

Meta-irony and metamodernism are best friends of modern fashion, guys. I guess this concept is meta-ironic towards Balenciaga, which became meta-ironic brand itself thanks to @Demna.

When this idea came to me, I thought: “So f*cking funny! But… I will not be surprised if Balenciaga gonna do something like that for real.”

They released earrings made of laces, destroyed Paris sneakers, a trench shitted by birds.. so this bottle slippers are fitting perfectly! Cuz it’s all about overconsumption and its fruits.

Campaign photo by: @Balenciaga
Model: @justinbieber

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Please be wary when you read viral news like this. Be sure to check if they are real before sharing!

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