Ban Letter T To Save Muslims From Conversion! [Updated]

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The Kedah state government is in an uproar, a literal hissy fit, after a photo went viral on social media showing houses in the island of Langkawi with “white crosses” on their roofs. This has led the Kedah state government’s Housing Exco, Dato’ Hj Tajul Urus bin Hj Mat Zain (Tanjong Dawai – BN), to demand that the housing developer “fix” the roof.

Ban Small Letter T To Save Muslims From Conversion!
Tajul Urus Mat Zain with backdrop of the “Christian cross” houses he’s upset about. Photo credit : FreeMalaysiaToday

Tajul Urus has so little faith in his fellow Muslims. He thinks that their aqidah (creed) will be threatened by such symbolism, whether real or otherwise. In fact, to ensure that they are not so easily “terpesong” and “masuk Kristian“, we would recommend that he also demand that the small letter t be banned from Bahasa Malaysia. After all, it looks exactly like a Christian cross!


Ban Small Letter T And Save Muslims From Conversion!

Since the capital T does not look like the cross, there is no risk that any Muslims using a capital T will be converted into Christianity. Therefore, we suggest to the good Dato’ that the small t should be replaced by the capital T to save Muslims from conversion by the dastardly Christians and their subtle tactics!

This is a small change which does not require “reeducation” of the populace, just reprinting of all Bahasa Malaysia books. But look on the bright side – there is much money to be made off these reprints! 😉

Check out how easy it is to adapt. Here is an example of a hypothetical statement using only capital Ts :

DaTo’ Tajul adalah orang yang sangaT alim. Oleh kerana beliau TakuT aqidah umaT Islam akan Terancam oleh simbol KrisTian ini, maka beliau Telah menasihaTkan supaya semua benda yang berbenTuk seperti salib mesTilah diperbeTulkan.

Ini Termasuk huruf T kecil dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Ia mesTilah diTukarkan kepada huruf T besar sahaja kerana huruf T kecil adalah berbenTuk salib. Umat Islam yang menggunakan huruf T kecil Terlampau banyak mungkin Terpesong dan masuk KrisTian.

Harap Kerajaan PersekuTuan Barisan Nasional akan segera mengarahkan Dewan Bahasa dan PusTaka unTuk melarangkan penggunaan huruf T kecil dalam Bahasa Malaysia.


Looks Like The Capital T Also Needs To Be Banned…

Ken Ng has just pointed out that even the capital T is a form of the Christian cross, called the Cross of Tau. In other words, if Dato’ Tajul Urus Mat Zain wants to be sure that his fellow Muslims’ aqidah isn’t challenged one bit, he needs to delete both the letters t and T from Bahasa Malaysia. Our example of a hypothetical statement would thus be :

Dao’ ajul adalah orang yang sanga alim. Oleh kerana beliau aku aqidah uma Islam akan erancam oleh simbol Krisian ini, maka beliau elah menasihakan supaya semua benda yang berbenuk seperti salib mesilah diperbeulkan.

Ini ermasuk huruf [haram] kecil dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Ia mesilah diukarkan kepada huruf [haram] besar sahaja kerana huruf [haram] kecil adalah berbenuk salib. Umat Islam yang menggunakan huruf [haram] kecil erlampau banyak mungkin erpesong dan masuk Krisian.

Harap Kerajaan Persekuuan Barisan Nasional akan segera mengarahkan Dewan Bahasa dan Pusaka unuk melarangkan penggunaan huruf [haram] kecil dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

No need to thank us, Dato’. We are just doing our bit as fellow Malaysians to help save Muslims from conversion. 😀

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  1. Scott Wilson

    Y’all are out of your minds ~ First off the cross Jesus died on probably looked more like the Capital T ~ How can anyone possible take anything you say seriously after reading this !

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