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Did Klaus Schwab Ban Vaccinated Pilots From Davos 2023?!

Did WEF founder Klaus Schwab ban vaccinated pilots from transporting World Economic Forum members in and out of Davos 2023?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Klaus Schwab Banned Vaccinated Pilots From WEF 2023!

Various websites and social media users are claiming that WEF founder Klaus Schwab banned vaccinated pilots from transporting World Economic Forum members in and out of Davos 2023!

Here is one example, which is rather long, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

WEF Hires Unvaccinated Pilots To Fly Them Into Davos: “Safety of Our Members Is No. 1 Priority”

Klaus Schwab has banned vaccinated pilots from transporting World Economic Forum members in and out of Davos due to the safety risk they pose.

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Truth : Klaus Schwab Did Not Ban Vaccinated Pilots From Davos 2023!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and/or propagated by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : No Evidence Vaccinated Pilots Pose Any Safety Risk

This fake news appears to be based around prior claims that vaccinated airline pilots have a high risk of dying suddenly.

It may also be fuelled by the recent baseless allegations that the FAA loosened rules on pilot EKGs because so many of them had heart problems from the COVID-19 vaccines.

In any case, there is no evidence that vaccinated pilots pose any safety risk to their passengers, whether WEF 2023 attendees flying on private jets, or regular passengers on commercial airlines.

Fact #2 : Claim Was Based On Second-Hand Information

While the article claims that there are multiple “reports”, the only source for this claim is an interview with former Jetstar pilot Alan Dana on Maria Zeee Uncensored.

Even so, Alan Dana was relaying second-hand information from someone else – Josh Yoder – the head of US Freedom Flyers – which Infowars peg as “an anti-vaccine mandate group of pilots”.

He’s getting calls now from wealthy businessmen and companies to fly their executives around on business jets with unvaccinated crew.

They get the luxury of being able to choose, because there are still a large amount of crew available in the United States who are not vaccinated because the companies they work for didn’t mandate it.

These wealthy businessmen are requiring unvaccinated crew on their business trips. Passengers on an airline who bought a ticket don’t have that luxury.

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Fact #3 : No Evidence Of Vaccinated Pilot Ban At Davos 2023

There is no evidence that Klaus Schwab banned vaccinated pilots from transporting World Economic Forum members in and out of Davos for WEF 2023.

Schwab is merely the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, and has no power over air travel policies in Switzerland. It would impossible for him to institute any ban on vaccinated pilot, even if he was so inclined.

And consider this for a moment – how would these ultra-rich WEF attendees prove that their pilots are unvaccinated? Is there an unvaccinated certificate?

Fact #4 : No Evidence WEF Hired Pilots

There is no evidence that the World Economic Forum hired pilots to transport attendees to its 2023 annual meeting.

The World Economic Forum organisation only organises the annual meeting, but does not handle the transportation or accommodation for attendees.

Fact #5 : Most WEF Attendees Do Not Fly By Private Jet

On average, about 3,000 people attend each World Economic Forum annual meeting. While many of the ultra-rich fly by private jet to Davos for World Economic Forum 2023, they are relatively few – less than 150 private jets for the first 3 days.

Most WEF attendees likely flew by commercial airlines to Zurich Airport, or if they are Europeans – took the train as recommended by WEF 2023 organisers. I mention this only because most airlines require their pilots to be fully-vaccinated.

Therefore, it would be rather pointless for Klaus Schwab to ban vaccinated pilots for private jets, when most attendees are being flown into Switzerland by vaccinated pilots on commercial airlines.

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Fact #6 : Josh Yoder Refuted Viral Claim!

Ironically, Josh Yoder himself – the original source – refuted the claim in a tweet on January 15, 2023! He also called for people to unfollow people making such claims!

He stated that he only said that wealthy businessmen reached out to him to look for unvaccinated pilot. He never said that it was WEF or Davos who reached out to him.

He also notably did not say that the unvaccinated were being hired to ferry those rich people to Davos for World Economic Forum 2023.

Click bait journalism is a scourge. I never said that the WEF/Davos has reached out looking for unvaccinated pilots. What I did say was that wealthy businessmen have reached out to me for that purpose. Unfollow anyone spreading this garbage.@USFreedomFlyers @TuckerCarlson

Fact #7 : No Evidence Businessmen Are Looking For Unvaccinated Pilots

Even that less dramatic claim by Josh Yoder is impossible to verify. There is no other source for his claim. Neither has other private jet pilots or companies publicly made similar claims.

It doesn’t help that Yoder himself is known for promoting conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and the vaccines.

I should point out that if these ultra-rich individuals are so concerned about COVID-19 vaccines, they would have long sought out unvaccinated pilots to fly their private jets, or engaged private jet companies with unvaccinated pilots.

They wouldn’t be hiring pilots just to fly to the World Economic Forum. There is no specific reason why there is additional risk flying to the WEF, as opposed to any other flight they would normally take.

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