Bangladeshi Malaysian Election Fact Check!

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This hoax about a Bangladeshi Malaysian was debunked long ago, but keeps making a comeback over and over again, like a zombie that just won’t die.

So we have no choice but to debunk this hoax AGAIN about a Bangladeshi man receiving a Malaysian identity card to vote in the coming general elections.

Updated @ 2022-10-23 : Updated with the 2022 version.

Updated @ 2017-10-23 : Added the verification by JPN that Pang Chee Pin is not a Bangladeshi Malaysia. Also added a video of Pang Chee Pin speaking Mandarin, as well as a warning about his activities.

Originally posted @ 2017-10-21

Bangladeshi Malaysian Election Fact Check!


Pang Chee Pin Is NOT A Bangladeshi Malaysian

This picture of Pang Chee Pin’s identity card has been circulating over and over again. People keep posting it as evidence that he is a Bangladeshi Malaysian, one of the many Bangladeshis that were allegedly giving Malaysian identity cards in return for their vote in the Malaysian general elections.

For many Malaysians, it’s inconceivable that an Indian man may actually have a Chinese name. They immediately jump to the conclusion that he is a Bangladeshi who was given a Malaysian identity card.

My dear Malaysians, Mr. Pang Chee Pin is not a Bangladeshi Malaysian. He is a Malaysian Indian who was adopted by a Chinese family when he was very young.

While he originally had an Indian name, his adopted father gave him a Chinese name, even changing it officially with the authorities.

That is a genuine MyKad, and he is a genuine Malaysian.

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Pang Chee Pin Bangladeshi Malaysian hoax MyKad

For more on his story, we would like to refer you to The Star, which went the extra mile to investigate his case :

SEGAMAT: A 34-year-old man, who gained unwanted fame after photos of his MyKad (pic) went viral on social media for purportedly having looks that did not match his name, is indeed a Malaysian.

Netizens had alleged that the man, Pang Chee Pin, was a Bangladeshi as he did not look Chinese.

A visit by The Star to the Segamat Baru address on the MyKad revealed that Pang was brought up by his adoptive Chinese family since he was born, but was no longer staying there.

His cousin, who only wished to be known as Susan, 50, said she used to live with him since he was a one-year-old. 

“He and I are cousins. But when my uncle died some 25 years ago, my parents took him in and cared for him. He left our home about six years ago.

“The last time we met was about three years ago in Kuala Lumpur Hospital where he was hospitalised due to a kidney problem,” she said when met at her house here yesterday.

She added that they have lost contact with each after that.

Susan said her uncle gave Pang a Chinese name after he adopted him from his biological Indian family in Simpang Renggam.

She added that Pang used to have an Indian name after he was born, adding that her uncle had asked permission from the relevant authorities to allow him to change it to a Chinese name.

Pang can speak fluent Mandarin, Hakka and Cantonese dialects and went to the same Chinese primary school as Susan.

“According to my mother, Pang was adopted by my uncle and his wife to help lessen the burden of his biological family,” she said, adding that her late uncle also had two daughters.

Susan said she was aware about the viral posting of her cousin’s MyKad, adding that the police had visited her house on Sunday to record her statement.

She said the man in the MyKad was indeed a Malaysian, and hoped that people would stop sharing the post on social media.

As for the hundreds or thousands of Bangladeshis who were allegedly given MyKads for their votes, we have yet to see any evidence to back that claim.

Whatever we may think about the Malaysian government, let’s please just stick to the truth. You should not have to lie, if you have the truth on your side.

Bangladeshi Malaysian Election Fact Check!


JPN : Pang Chee Pin Is Malaysian, NOT Bangladeshi

The Malaysian National Registration Department (JPN) clarified on 1 March 2017 that Pang Chee Pin is indeed an Indian man who was adopted by Chinese parents.

It also clarified that adoptive parents can change the name of their adopted child. In the case of non-Muslim children, the child may adopt his/her new family’s surname.


Pang Chee Pin Speaking Mandarin

Even though this hoax has been debunked by The Star and the Malaysian National Registration Department (JPN), people still dismiss the facts. Some even insinuate that an Indian boy adopted by Chinese parents wouldn’t “look like that”. As if adopted children can change their skin colour and facial features to match those of their adoptive parents…

In any case, we managed to obtain this video of Pang Chee Pin speaking flawless Mandarin. Check out how fluent he is in speaking Mandarin. Thanks for the tip, Chris Wang!

For those who are wondering what he’s saying in the video, here’s some context provided by the creator of the video, 刘裕彬 (Low Yi Ping) :

!!请注意!!老千出没 !!
!! Please pay attention!! To this old man!!

pang Chee pin(华人领养所以华人名)
Pang Chee Pin (Adopted by Chinese so he has a Chinese name)

ic number :830828-01-5855

是个老千 ,会说华语广东话,专门游说别人他是卖电话的,可以拿到便宜货 ,时常在火车站出现或各种地方
He’s a veteran cheat who speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, specializes in asking people phones at a bargain, often at the train station or other places.

(subang ,shah alam ,setapak ,pj ,lowYat,kuchai lama)

大多数是kl area。已经很多人受骗了,那天拿到他的手机,里面还有很多受害者。看到他立刻报警 !他在kl犯案 已经接近10年了都没有被捉 。上次被我朋友找到了还会很嚣张的说自己是黑社会的,然后假装叫人拿刀来,不过都只是在撒谎。
Mostly in the KL area. Many people have been cheated. That day, we got hold of his phone and found that he had many victims listed inside. If you see him, call the police immediately! He’s been in KL for almost 10 years without getting caught. The last time my friend found it, he arrogantly said that he is a gangster, and pretended to threaten people with a knife, but he was just lying.

请大力的分享,不要让他一直骗下去,这种人罪该万死 。

Please share this out, and don’t let him keep cheating other people, such people deserve to die.

他应该是住setapak genting klang 的。
He should be living in Setapak, Genting or Klang.

If you spot him, please send me a PM (Private Message)

Or call the police.

PANG Chee pin 你看到这个post,最好自己出来自首
Pang Chee Pin if you see this post, you better turn yourself in

There can be no doubt. Pang Chee Pin is no Bangladeshi Malaysian. So please stop spreading the hoax. Share this instead!


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