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Bomohs Combine Powers To Trap COVID-19 Toyol!

Malaysia’s top bomohs are combining their powers to save the WORLD by trapping the COVID-19 toyol in a bottle! The lockdown may soon be over!


Malaysia’s Top Bomohs Unite!

Malaysia’s top bomohs have garnered great praise for locating missing airliners and averting natural disasters worldwide.

Using a mix of supernatural verses and the latest bomoh telescopes and organic coconuts, Malaysian bomohs are on the bleeding edge of bomohlogy.

One bomoh recently reported success in trapping the COVID-19 toyol (supernatural creature) for a short time. Unfortunately, he was not able to keep it in the bottle for more than a few days… leading to a surge in COVID-19 cases in Malaysia.


Bomohs Combine Powers To Trap COVID-19 Toyol!

To save the country… and the WORLD… from being further ravaged by the evil COVID-19 toyol, Malaysia’s top two bomohs have agreed to combine their powers to trap the COVID-19 toyol once and for all.

Once our intrepid Malaysian bomohs trap the nasty COVID-19 toyol in a bottle, the world will be free from COVID-19 and life can go back to normal.

We will be able to go shopping, watch movies, feast ourselves silly at buffets and restaurants… and yes, go jogging all we want!


COVID-19 Toyol : What Will Happen To It?

The two bomohs have not decided what they wish to do with the COVID-19 toyol, after they catch it.

But after a previous toyol bottle came washing back to shore, they are recommending against throwing it into sea.

Maybe they will put it in a museum, so people can come and see the COVID-19 toyol that caused so much death and fear across the world!


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