Bondi Junction Killer was NOT Jewish extremist called Ben Cohen!

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Was the Bondi Junction killer a Jewish extremist called Ben Cohen?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Bondi Junction Killer Was Jewish Extremist Called Ben Cohen

Right after news broke about a man who stabbed and killed six people at Bondi Junction, some people immediately claimed or suggested that he was a Jewish extremist called Ben Cohen!

Thomas Sewell : First confirmed victim of the terror attack in Sydney is a White mother and her baby.

Media accidentally leaked the attackers name as “Benjamin Cohen”.

In the video you can clearly see he is Arab/Semite, so not surprised to find out he is jewish not muslim.

Thomas Sewell : I doubt this is a coincidence that Iran is attacking Israel today and I’d hazard a guess CSG (Mossad) in Sydney would be behind launching an attack.

Conservative Inc and jews all over twitter and MSM were quick to say this was an anti-semitic attack because it happened in bondi.

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Truth : Bondi Junction Killer Was Not Jewish Extremist Called Ben Cohen

This appears to be yet another example of fake news circulating on social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Ben Cohen Is Not Bondi Junction Killer

Let me start by pointing out that Ben Cohen / Benjamin Cohen is not the Bondi Junction killer!

The real Bondi Junction killer has been identified as Joel Cauchi – a 40 year-old man from Toowoomba, Queensland. It was his family who contacted the police, after recognising him on the news.

Joel Cauchi lived a transient lifestyle, and travelled to Sydney in March 2024. At about 3:20 PM on 13 April 2024, Cauchi entered Westfield Bondi Junction and started stabbing people randomly with a knife, killing six people and injuring 12 others.

When police inspector Amy Scott confronted Fauci on the 5th floor, he lunged at her with a knife. She then shot him twice in his chest, and performed CPR on him after he collapsed. However, Joel Cauchi died on the scene.

To be clear – Joel Cauchi was the person who stabbed 18 people at Westfield Bondi Junction, killing 6 of them. Ben Cohen had nothing to do with the Bondi Junction stabbings!

Fact #2 : Benjamin Cohen Is Still Alive

I should also point out that the real Bondi Junction killer was shot dead by Inspector Amy Scott, whereas Ben Cohen / Benjamin Cohen is still alive, and well!

In fact, Ben Cohen – a 20 year-old first-year computing science student at the University of Technology, slammed claims that he was the one who stabbed those people at Westfield Bondi Junction.

His father, Mark, who lives with him, had to fend off those vicious rumours, and called on the New South Wales police to release the name of the real Bondi Junction killer.

Everyone’s asking what’s going on, people asking if it’s true. Of course it’s not true, he’s not even a politically motivated person. He’s just a normal kid who now has got to deal with this.

Hey NSW Police, you need to release the name of the Bondi junction attacker before this nonsense claiming it was my son causes more harm.

Unsurprisingly, none of those who claimed that Benjamin Cohen was the Jewish extremist who stabbed those people at Bondi Junction, ever provided any evidence to back up their claims.

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Fact #3 : Channel 7 Wrongly Identifies Ben Cohen As Bondi Junction Killer

Channel 7 News appears to be the first to claim that Ben Cohen was the Bondi Junction killer.

In a 5-minute video clip on its YouTube channel, Sunrise hose Matt Shirvington was interviewing security expert Scott Taylor outside Westfield Bondi Junction, with the chyron reading “Security expert Scott aylor joins Weekend Sunrise as new details are confirmed about the attacker, Benjamin Cohen, and his victims.

After Channel 7 News was contacted about the mistake, the video clip was quickly deleted, and a spokesperson said that it was “a human error”:

It was human error. The mistake has been rectified. Seven sincerely apologises for the error.

To be clear – Channel 7 News never claimed that Benjamin Cohen was a Jewish extremist. So it is most peculiar to see people immediately claiming or suggesting that he was a Jewish / Israeli extremist.

Needless to say, Ben Cohen found the whole experience of being falsely accused of murdering and injuring so many people “highly distressing”:

It’s extremely disappointing to me to see people mindlessly propagating misinformation like this without even the slightest thought put into fact checking.

But what’s even more disappointing to me is a major news network doing this, using my name without waiting for a statement from police to verify this or going out to try and verify it themselve

This whole incident has been highly distressing and disappointing for myself and my family. And it’s quite disappointing to see how eager people were to ‘bandwagon’ on and spread this type of (misinformation) like wildfire.

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