Was This 7-Year Old Boy Burned Alive For Stealing Food?

Images of what appeared to be a 7-year old boy burned alive for stealing food in Lagos, Nigeria has gone viral. People are aghast at the gruesome pictures and video, which shows the boy being beaten and stoned, before being set on fire.

Was This 7-Year Old Boy Burned Alive For Stealing Food?

The pictures and video sure look real. But was this boy burned alive just for stealing food? Let’s investigate the matter and find out…


Was This 7-Year Old Boy Burned Alive For Stealing Food?

Viral posts like this example on Facebook have gone around, telling people how this 7-year old boy was burned alive for stealing food. Amazingly, the crowd surrounding the boy did not seem to care.

In the Nigerian version, the boy was said to have stolen garri – cassava flour. In the other versions, he is said to have stolen rice or just food.

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The pictures had Nigerian celebrities strongly condemning the cruelty. Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson posted this in response :

live so that when ur children think of fairness,caring and integrity,they think of u cus children are the keys of paradise.

how can anyone possibly do this to a child, wherever this happened? I conderm this cruelty as every child is my child. #everychildisurchild#

The good news is – that is not a 7-year old boy who was caught for stealing food. Abayomi Shogunle, the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Complaint Response Unit (CRU) tweeted on 17 November 2016 that there was no report of any boy burned alive in Lagos :

The bad news is – this incident actually happened.


The True Story, As Far As We Can Ascertain

It is not known when this incident happened, but the first pictures and video of this incident appeared on social media on 16 November 2016. Because of his small built, everyone assumed he was a young boy. But he has been determined to be a man in the early twenties.

Was This 7-Year Old Boy Burned Alive For Stealing Food?

According to Naij.com, he was caught after he stabbed someone while attempting to steal a mobile phone. He also reportedly part of a gang that actually killed a 17-year old boy several months ago after he refused to hand over his mobile phone.

Now, we have no evidence that those claims are even true. Even if they are, such street justice cannot be justified. The Nigerian police have vowed to arrest those who abused and killed him.


Does It Matter If He Is 7 Or 20 Years Old?

Nigerian model and actress, Annie Idibia, lamented if it really mattered if the boy was 7 years old or 20 years old. We cannot agree more. This is a despicable crime, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice!

Some say he’s 7, some 20… does it matter? ???? This image gave me sleepless night till really late!

All I know is ,this is soooooo wrong on every single level! Jungle Justice should be STOPPED in this country!!!

Please the government should not let this pass like the rest… If he is 7, then may the pple responsible for this never find peace in this life time, i am a mother, my heart is sadden!

And even if he is 20 or 30.. this is still very wrong and embarrassing to our country that this still happens, In 2016???

I plead with the rulers of this nation ,plssssss do something about jungle justice… this has got to be STOPPED. .???????????? #BLACKLIFEMATTERS

Am sooooo maddddddd I can’t even …. Oh my God!!!! I just watched the video on YouTube! !! Some humans aren’t really human.


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