Boyu Shi : Was He Racially Profiled + Arrested By Toronto PD?

People are claiming that Boyu Shi is a Chinese student who was racially profiled and arrested by the Toronto Police Department.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself. Then let us tell you what really happened!

Boyu Shi : Was He Racially Profiled + Arrested By Toronto PD?


Boyu Shi : Was He Racially Profiled + Arrested By Toronto PD?

A video of Boyu Shi being surrounded and tackled by members of the Toronto police department has gone viral on social media, with people claiming it was abuse or racial profiling :

👆This is in Canada how a group of oversized police treated a 21yr student for no reason just anti Chinese. True or fake

Canada.. Brutal taking down of a 21-tear old Chinese student who is not even resisting by several oversized policemen.. Share

Here are screenshots of one of the videos being shared on social media, with claims of police abuse (in Chinese).

  • Boyu Shi arrest 01
  • Boyu Shi arrest 02
  • Boyu Shi arrest 03
  • Boyu Shi arrest 04


Boyu Shi vs Toronto PD : A Quick Summary

Here is the short version of what happened :

  • Boyu Shi brought three knives to a Black Lives Matter rally in Toronto.
  • When protestors spotted him holding a large knife, they reported him to the police.
  • He ran when Toronto police officers tried to approach him
  • The video started when they cornered him.
  • You can actually see at least one of the knives in the video.
  • He was charged for assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon and carrying a concealed weapon.


Boyu Shi vs Toronto PD : The Facts

Here are more details for those who want to know more…

When, Where + Who?

The man in the video was identified as 21 year-old Toronto resident, Boyu Shi. He is currently NOT known to be a student, or a Chinese national.

He attended the Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Toronto on Saturday, 6 June 2020, when the incident happened.

It Was Not Racial Profiling

We know it was not racial profiling because he was reported to the police by a protestor who saw him brandishing a large knife at the protest.

When Toronto police officers approached him, he fled on foot. After a short chase, they cornered him and that was when the video was recorded.

Boyu Shi Had THREE Knives

After the police arrested him, they found that he brought three knives to the protest, one (and maybe two) of which  can be seen in the video. If you look carefully, you. can see a police officer kicking away a knife.

He was later charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon / being dangerous to public peace, and carrying a concealed weapon.


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