Are Some BTS Members Secretly Married?!

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Did Park Jimin just admit that several BTS members are already married?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Park Jimin Admits Several BTS Members Are Already Married!

People are sharing a Music Mundial article which claims that Park Jimin just admitted that several of his BTS bandmates are already married!

Here is an except from that article. Please feel free to skip to the next section for the facts!

Park Jimin admits that several BTS members are already married

Through his latest live broadcast, Jimin, member of South Korean Kpop group BTS, gave a big confession to all his fans after revealing some secrets of his fellow members that many ARMYs wouldn’t have even imagined.

Yesterday, Jimin made a live transmission through Weverse platform, where he connected with his fans to thank them for all the great support he has received after the release of his solo EP ‘FACE‘.

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Are Some BTS Members Secretly Married?!


Truth : Park Jimin Did Not Admit Some BTS Members Are Married!

This is yet another example of celebrity FAKE NEWS created to generate page views, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : No BTS Members Are Known To Be Married

First, let me just point out that no BTS members are known to be married. Could any of them have gotten secretly married? Quite impossible.

When BTS (Bangtan Sonyeonda / 방탄소년단) was formed in 2010, its members were between 15 and 18 years old. Not only were they too young to get married, they lived together and practiced up to 15 hours a day to prepare for their debut.

Since their debut, they have been under intense media scrutiny. Any marriage would have been discovered, because it would have to be registered with the South Korean government and become a matter of public record, even if the ceremony was held privately.

Fact #2 : No Evidence Of Any BTS Members Being Married

While it is rumoured that RM (Kim Nam-joon) was married in June 2022, it was based on an anonymous claim:

I recently received word from a good friend and hoobae of mine, who is 7-years younger than me, that she is marrying RM. She graduated from a prestigious school and her family is also well off. I believe she met RM at a fan meeting between 2014~2015.

His agency, Big Hit Music, came out to refute it with a short and terse statement:

The rumours are not true.

Rumours have also claimed that other BTS members are married with kids, but none of those claims have ever been substantiated.

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Are Some BTS Members Secretly Married?!

Fact #3 : RM Said He Is Scared About Getting Married

On the tvN variety show in December 2022, RM even shared that he is scared about getting married!

First of all, it’s pretty scary for me… I’m not sure about it. To promise eternity to someone, officiate it, and bring your friends together… Before, the thought of, ‘Will that ever happen in my life?’ seemed natural to me. I figured that when the time came, I would get a job, work hard [in life], and get married.

[But now], there is the fact that I chose to live an unusual life… A few years ago, I suddenly began to think for the first time, ‘Maybe I won’t be able to get [married].’ And once that thought began, it got out of hand.

Fact #4 : Music Mundial Offered No Evidence

For its part, Music Mundial offered ZERO evidence to back up its claims that any BTS members are actually married.

The only thing it offered was a Wlive video in which Jimin joked about how many BTS fans referred to themselves as their “wives”. Anyone can see that he was joking.

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