The Bukhantsov Murders – Abused For Shares & Likes

Many people on the Internet make use of famous people for clickbait articles (e.g. Yoko Ono had an affair with Hillary Clinton in the ’70s), or for the likes and shares (e.g. Steve Jobs’ Last Words). However, nothing can be lower than those who abuse pictures of the dead, including children, for likes, shares and page views. The most recent example is the Bukhantsov triple murders. Let’s take a look…


Pray & Share

Jennifer Vergara posted this photo on September 11, 2016. It’s a very moving photo of a mother lying in a casket with two of her children, while the father and his son looks on.

The Bukhantsov Triple Murders - Abused For Shares & Likes

She claimed that the mother and the two children died in a car accident, and asked that everyone pray for the family. Needless to say, hundreds of thousands of people said Amen, and tens of thousands shared it.

But guess what – the story is completely false, and far more tragic. All apparently just for the likes and shares.


The Bukhantsov Triple Murders

On October 23, 2012, 19-year old Grigoriy Bukhantsov allegedly stabbed and killed his 23-year old sister-in-law, Alina Bukhantsov (née Oliferchik), her 3-year old daughter Emmanuela and her 2-year old son, Avnir as they sat down for breakfast. He then drove the family’s Chrysler minivan to a diner, where he was later found dozing in a booth.

His brother, Denis Bukhantsov, came back to discover the carnage in the kitchen of his home in Rancho Cordova, California. Fortunately, his 6-month old baby boy, Mark, was unharmed in his cradle in the master bedroom. Here are the photos posted by news organizations covering the case, like The Sacramento Bee.

  • The Bukhantsov Triple Murders - Abused For Shares & Likes
  • The Bukhantsov Triple Murders - Abused For Shares & Likes
  • The Bukhantsov Triple Murders - Abused For Shares & Likes
  • The Bukhantsov Triple Murders - Abused For Shares & Likes

The mental state of Grigoriy Bukhantsov, seen here during his arraignment in 2012, has been a point of dispute delaying his trial. He has not been put on trial, as of February 2016.

Grigoriy Bukhantsov


No Harm, No Foul?

As we have proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, Alina Bukhantsov and her two children were brutally murdered. They were NOT killed in a car accident, as Jennifer Vergara claims.

It is possible that Jennifer Vergara did not know about the Bukhantsov triple murders. Of course, it does not explain why she created the story of a car accident. That never happened, and was completely made-up.

Whether by intention or by accident, she gained many new followers, likes and shares through the fake post. But we are leaning towards an intentional (mis)use of that picture.

After all, her post offers no lesson (e.g. don’t drink and drive) or value (prayers will not help the family). It was most probably created to generate likes and shares, and of course, followers.

While technically a “victimless crime”, it is very, very unethical and insensitive IMHO to misappropriate the pictures of murder victims to gain Facebook likes, shares and followers.


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