Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : Step-by-Step Guide!

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The Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre (PPV) is one the newest and largest COVID-19 vaccination centres in Malaysia!

Here is a video and pictorial guide on what to expect, and what to do, at the Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre.

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Pre-Vaccination Check List : Read First!

Once you get your vaccination appointment at the Bukit Jalil Stadium PPV, please note that :

  1. You should CONTINUE to take your medication, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.
  2. You should NOT take painkillers BEFORE going for your vaccination.

And here is a check list of what you should do / bring to the Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre.

  1. Wear loose and comfortable clothes.
  2. Have a good meal, and drink some water. Don’t drink too much, or you will need to go to the toilet!
  3. Make sure you do NOT have a fever, or any other flu-like symptoms.
    If you are sick, do NOT go to the vaccination centre.
    You will be given a new appointment.
  4. Bring a smartphone with MySejahtera installed, if possible (not compulsory).
  5. You must bring some form of identification – MyKad or passport.
  6. Bring your medication list, if you need to ask the doctor’s advice at the vaccination centre.
  7. You must wear a face mask, and if possible, wear a face shield.
  8. Bring an umbrella and a mini fan as this PPV is only partially covered and/or air-conditioned!
  9. Bring a bottle of water, in case you get thirsty.
  10. Bring a pen, and something stiff to write on, to fill in the forms.

Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : Step-by-Step Guide!


Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : A Video Guide

We would like to thank JKJAV for this video, which we slowed down and added English subtitles to help you find your way at the Bukit Jalil Stadium!


Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : A Pictorial Guide!

I would like to thank JKJAV for providing the pictures and information for this pictorial guide.

Dropping Off + Parking!

If you need to drop off any dependents, or if you are taking a taxi / e-hailing ride, please head to Gate E.

If yon need to drop off any persons with disability (OKU), please head for the OKU Parking Zone, where a buggy service is available.

Free parking is available at :

  • Car Park B (for HCO A and C)
  • Car Park C (for HCO B and C)

If you are arriving by LRT, please enter through Gate A.

Where To Go?

Before you head to Bukit Jalil Stadium PPV, check your vaccine appointment in MySejahtera for your assigned HCO entrance.

Once you arrive at the Bukit Jalil Stadium PPV, look for the HCO signboards, and enter through your assigned HCO entrance.

At the first station, you will need to scan your MySejahtera to check-in, and check your body temperature. You will not be allowed in, if you are running a fever.

Then follow the signs and roped pathways to enter the stadium, where you will be seated in a waiting area.

Bukit Jalil Stadium is partially covered and is not air-conditioned in most parts. So make sure you bring an umbrella and a bottle of water.

Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : Step-by-Step Guide!

Once it’s your turn, you will be asked to enter into the Registration Tent, where you will receive your consent forms and seated in a waiting area.

This is when you can fill in your consent forms. Just don’t sign them yet.

At the registration counter in Station 2, a volunteer will check your identification (MyKad or Passport) and register you.

If you have MySejahtera, you will be asked to scan the QR code to log that you have officially come in to be vaccinated.

Then you will head to Station 3, where a doctor will brief you on the COVID-19 vaccine, and you can ask your questions. This is also where you will sign the consent forms.

You will then move to the Vaccination Tent, where you will receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

The doctor / nurse administering the vaccine will show you the vial or vaccine label, so you know what vaccine you are receiving.

The doctor / nurse will also show you the syringe to confirm that it has the right amount of vaccine.

The empty syringe will also be shown to you after you receive your vaccination.

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How to check LDV syringe

After vaccination, you will be asked to wait in a small holding area for 30 minutes. Then you will be called to the counter to submit your consent forms and receive your vaccination card.

If you are worried about any severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, you can sit a little while longer.

Bukit Jalil Stadium Vaccination Centre : Step-by-Step Guide!

After that, you can leave the Bukit Jalil Stadium vaccination centre, and go home!

Don’t forget to take some pictures, and share with your friends and family on social media!


After Leaving Bukit Jalil PPV : Post-Vaccination Check List

After receiving your COVID-19 vaccination, you are FREE to do anything you want. There are NO RESTRICTIONS on your diet and daily life.

You can expect some mild side effects – these are signs of your immune system learning how to fight against COVID-19.

You can report any side effects you feel over the next few days in MySejahtera. If they persist, or get severe, please seek medical attention at the nearest government hospital.


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