Bulldog Bites Pedophile Randle James Hoax Debunked!

Clickbait websites know that when they use the word pedophile, it turns off the logic part of many people’s brains. That’s why they keep using the pedophile trope to keep the page views and clicks coming in. The latest pedophile clickbait hoax claims that a bulldog bit off the penis of a pedophile called Randle James when he tried to rape sleeping children.

Needless to say, countless outraged Internet zombies clicked on the many clickbait articles on this hoax, and shared their collective outrage and glee on social media. Well, this is yet another hoax. Let us debunk this Randle James hoax, and clear the name of the man whose face is now associated with the fake Randle James.

Bulldog Bites Pedophile Randle James Hoax Debunked!


Bulldog Bites Pedophile’s Penis Off As He Tried To Rape Sleeping Children

That was the clickbait title that Neon Nettle and many other clickbait websites used to get YOU to click into their fake story, and share it on social media.

Bulldog Bites Pedophile Randle James Hoax Debunked - NeonNettle hoax

Here is the full text of the hoax that Neon Nettle and many clickbait websites posted :

A pedophile has been left with 'life-altering' injuries after climbing through the bedroom window of two young children, only to be greeted by their pet bulldog who bit his penis off.

Now, let us debunk this ridiculous hoax once and for all!


The Pedophile Randle James Does NOT Exist

First of all, there is no 52-year old pedophile called Randle James in Saline County, Arkansas. The man in the picture is actually a Scottish man called Neil. His photo was misappropriated from a May 2017 BBC Scotland documentary called Superhospital.

In that episode, Neil was given a dose of ketamine before doctors reset his broken ankle. He gained Internet fame for his hilarious reaction to the ketamine, shouting “Oh baby yeah”, “Yeehah!” and “I’m the man”. Check out the video for yourself!

While you may find the fake story about the fake Randle James’ penis being bitten off by a dog hilarious… you are helping to smear Neil’s reputation. And you could well put his life at risk if he’s misidentified as the pedophile James Randle.

Yes, you may say – bullshit, that would be so stupid! But hey, YOU believed the hoax, didn’t you?


A Pit Bull Terrier Is Not A Bulldog

The fake story vacillates on the type of dog that allegedly bit off Randle James’ penis. First, it’s a bulldog. Then it’s a Pit Bull Terrier. Well, a Pit Bull Terrier is not a bulldog. And the picture they used is actually a Husky-Pitbull dog!

Bulldog Bites Pedophile Randle James Hoax Debunked - Husky pitbull dog
Credit : Velvet.hu


That’s Just A Very Gassy Dog

Remember that x-ray picture that Neon Nettle and all those clickbait websites used to prove that the dog really ate Randle James’ penis? Do you really think Randle James is Mandingo with such a large flaccid penis? Use a little common sense!

And no, that is not a dildo… that is just good, old-fashioned gas. Yes, this dog did not swallow a dildo or penis. It just had a lot of gas. This x-ray picture was posted by crewer on imgur on 26 January 2013. That’s most than 4.5 years before Randle James allegedly had his penis eaten by a dog…

Bulldog Bites Pedophile Randle James Hoax Debunked - gassy dog


Stop Sharing Bullshit

This post-truth age has seen a proliferation of clickbait websites that trade in fake stories. Advertisers and readers (yes, I’m looking at YOU) lap them up for their “entertainment value“. The sad fact is that they are “dumbing down” their readers, making them believe in the stupidest things possible.

So STOP supporting clickbait websites. Support journalists and newspapers that actually deliver real news. Support bloggers and writer that actually create content.

Stop Supporting Clickbait Websites

STOP sharing articles from clickbait websites, because they do nothing more than copy other people’s work (at best), or make up fake stories, just to make money off you.

They are laughing at your naivety. Stop being the fool they think you are. Stop sharing their bullshit.


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