Business Ops Allowed During MCO : Full List + Requirements!

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In addition to announcing another extension of the MCO (Movement Control Order), the Prime Minister of Malaysia also announced that certain business operations will be allowed to resume in stages.

Here is the full list of allowed business operations during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and the government’s requirements.


Business Ops Allowed During MCO : What Happened?

On 10 April 2020, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, announced that the Movement Control Order or MCO would be further extended to 28 April 2020.

Business Ops Allowed During MCO : Full List + Requirements!

He stated that he was aware that the country’s economy was greatly affected by the MCO, and a special cabinet cabinet committee had looked into the issue, and decided that certain economic sectors would be allowed to resume operation during the MCO in stages.

This would help to reduce the economic damage from the MCO, but he stressed that “all parties are required to comply with the directives from the authorities” and that the government would not hesitate to withdraw the permission to operate if any company fails to adhere to the guidelines.


What Business Operations Will Be Allowed During MCO?

The Ministry of International Trade And Industry released the list of business operations that would be allowed to operate during the MCO. Here is the original version in Bahasa Malaysia :

  • Industri Automotif
    (terhad kepada eksport unit siap pasang sepenuhnya – CBU, peralatan dan komponen, serta perkhidmatan selepas jualan contohnya penyelenggaraan).
  • Industri Mesin dan peralatan
  • Industri Aeroangkasa
  • Projek-projek pembinaan dan perkhidmatan berkaitan pembinaan
    (i) Projek di mana Kontraktor G1–G2 sebagai kontraktor utama
    (ii) Projek yang telah disahkan mencapai kemajuan fizikal 90% ke atas
    (iii) Kerja-kerja terowong
    (iv) Kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan
    (v) Kerja-kerja cerun
    (vi) Kerja-kerja kecemasan yang termaktub dalam perjanjian kontrak
    (vii) Kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan, pembersihan dan pengeringan air bertakung, penyemburan racun serangga di tapak bina bagi mengelakkan pembiakan nyamuk Aedes dan lain-lain haiwan perosak
    (viii) Kerja-kerja lain yang jika tidak disempurnakan boleh mendatangkan bahaya
    (ix) Projek bangunan dengan 70 IBS score ke atas
    (x) Projek pembinaan dengan fasiliti/ kemudahan tempat tinggal untuk pekerja seperti Kuarters Pekerja Berpusat atau kem pekerja
    (xi) Perkhidmatan profesional yang terlibat dalam industri pembinaan termasuk arkitek, jurutera perancang bandar, juru-ukur tanah, juru ukur bahan, pengurus projek, pengurus fasiliti dan lain-lain berkaitan.
  • Perkhidmatan sains, profesional dan teknikal termasuk penyelidikan dan pembangunan (R&D)
    (hanya terhad kepada: perkhidmatan berkaitan guaman; perkhidmatan berkaitan minyak & gas; aktiviti-aktviti R&D berkaitan COVID19; makmal-makmal ujian bagi sektor-sektor yang dibenarkan beroperasi sahaja.
  • Perkhidmatan kesihatan sosial termasuk perubatan tradisional yang berdaftar
    (hanya terhad kepada registered Traditional and Complementary Medicine or TCM practitioners)
  • Perkhidmatan kedai hardware, kedai barangan elektrik dan elektronik dan kedai cermin mata sahaja dalam pemborongan dan peruncitan.
  • Perkhidmatan gunting rambut asas (gunting sahaja).
  • Perkhidmatan dobi (full service dan bukan layan diri)

MITI Sectors Allowed During MCO 01

And here is our English translation :

  • Automotive Industry
    (limited to export of completely built units – CBUs, equipment and components, as well as after-sales services for example maintenance).
  • Machinery and equipment industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Construction projects and construction-related services
    (i) Projects where the main contractors are G1 – G2
    (ii) Projects that have achieved physical of 90% and above
    (iii) Tunneling works
    (iv) Maintenance works
    (v) Sloping work
    (vi) Emergency works that are consequent to contractual obligations
    (vii) Maintenance, cleaning and drying of stagnant water, spraying insecticides at construction sites to prevent breeding of Aedes mosquitoes and other pests
    (viii) Other works that if left incomplete may result in danger
    (ix) Building project with 70 IBS score and above
    (x) Construction projects with accommodation facilities for workers, such as centralised quarters for workers, or workers’ camp
    (xi) Professional services involved in the construction industry including architects, engineers, town planners, land surveyors, materials surveyors, project managers, facilities managers and other relevant services.
  • Scientific, professional and technical services including research and development (R&D)
    – limited to: legal services; oil and gas-related services; COVID19-related R&D activities; testing laboratories for authorized sectors only.
  • Social health services include registered traditional medicine and complementary medicine (TCM) practitioners.
  • Hardware store, electrical and electronics shops
  • Laundry services (only those offering full service and does not include self-service laundrettes)


Business Operations Allowed During MCO : Requirements

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) hasn’t released the requirements for the different business operations allowed during the MCO. Today, they issued two notices :

  1. The companies listed in the allowed sectors will only be allowed to operate AFTER being receiving approval from MITI
  2. The application (process) for companies in the approved list will only be open at 9:00 AM on Monday, 13 April 2020, through MITI’s COVID-19 Intelligent Management System (CIMS) 2.0 system.

When MITI released details of this program, it came in the form of an FAQ that ran many pages. So we created a separate article for that @ MITI FAQ On Business Ops Allowed During MCO.

  • MITI Sectors Allowed During MCO 02
  • MITI Sectors Allowed During MCO 03


Some Are Balking At Restarting Business Operations

The Penang Chief Minister, Chow Kon Yeow, today announced that the Penang Security Council Committee (JKKN) decided NOT to allow basic hairdressing services to operate in Penang during the MCO.

In addition, the Malaysian Hairdressing Association issued a press release on this issue, pointing out that 91% of hairdressers in Malaysia do NOT agree to resuming business during the MCO.

However, they confusingly started that the Malaysian Hairdressing Association “encourages and opposes” the resumption of business activity by hairdressers during the MCO. We will update and let you know when they decide to get off the fence…

Update : Due to their protest, hair salons and barbershops were removed from the list of companies allowed to restart business operations during the MCO.

Malaysian Hairdressing Association Letter On Restarting Operations


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