Cameron Highlands Businesses Closed Over COVID-19 Cases

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This is very sad – many businesses in Cameron Highlands were recently closed over COVID-19 cases!

Find out what happened, and if you need to be concerned!


Cameron Highlands Businesses Closed Over COVID-19 Cases

Netizens have been sharing photos of closure notices outside businesses in Cameron Highlands.

It really looks like many of them have been closed recently over COVID-19 cases.

Cameron Highlands Businesses Closed Over COVID-19 Cases

Cameron Highlands Businesses Closed Over COVID-19 Cases

A list of affected businesses were also shared. While we cannot confirm the authenticity of the list, it does appear to match the closure notices.

Business Exposure Date Closure Date
Vani’s Indian Cuisine 21 December 2020 2 January 2021
Jin Jin Steamboat Restaurant 22 December 2020
Klinik & Surgeri Raj 23 December 2020 2 January 2021
The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant 23 December 2020 2 January 2021
Lee Hun Long Restaurant 24 December 2020 2 January 2021
Ngow Kee Restaurant 25 December 2020
Cameron Highlands Resort 26 December 2020
Luvlee Cafe 26 December 2020
Au Poh Wan Restorant 28 December 2020
Lai Fatt Seafood Restaurant 29 December 2020 2 January 2021
Bliss Cafe 29 December 2020 2 January 2021
Sister Restaurant 30 December 2020
Premium Forest Cafe 30 December 2020
Green View Garden 30 December 2020
18 Centre 30 December 2020
Watson Cameron Square 30 December 2020 2 January 2021
MR DIY Cameron Square 30 December 2020 2 January 2021
YG Park 31 December 2020 31 December 2020
D-5-9, Prima Blue Valley 31 December 2020 31 December 2020


Cameron Highlands COVID-19 Cases : What’s The Risk?

There is significant risk to those who visited some of these businesses, because they are cafes and restaurants where customers take off their face masks.

Hopefully, the risk is minimised by workers who maintain good hand hygiene, and wear their face masks properly.

The Ministry of Health (KKM) will no doubt be conducting contact tracing, and those identified as close contacts will be asked to self-quarantine and get tested.

This case reinforces the importance of contact tracing, as well as the MySejahtera mobile app which logs the movements of its users.

While shopping malls and all other public premises offer physical logbooks, we highly recommend that you use MySejahtera, because it allows for easier and faster contact tracing.

Using MySejahtera also obviates the need to sign a physical logbook, which usually means using a shared pen – an unnecessary risk factor.

COVID-19 is easily destroyed by soap, so even a simple cleaning operation will definitely clean the business premise of any infectious particles.

However, it is critical that you wear a face mask in public at all times, as they greatly reduce the risk of infection.

You should also maintain good hand hygiene by cleaning with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser.


COVID-19 : How To Keep Safe!

Here are a few simple steps to stay safe from COVID-19 :

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