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CCP Congress Delegates Elected Amid Coup Rumours!

People continue to speculate about a possible coup in China, but almost 2,300 CCP delegates were just elected to the upcoming Congress!

Here is what you need to know…


CCP Congress Delegates Elected Amid China Coup Rumours!

While rumours swirl about a possible military coup in China, the CCP appears to be oblivious to the rabid speculation and conspiracy theories on the Internet.

On Sunday, September 25, 2022, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced that a total of 2,296 delegates were “elected” to the upcoming 20th National Congress.

While the CCP statement did not specifically address the rumours of a coup in China, it specifically pointed out that the delegates were elected

The statement also said that the process upheld the CCP’s nature and purpose, adhere to and enhanced the Party’s overall leadership, and fully embodied intra-party democracy.

President Xi Jinping himself was “elected” as a delegate to the 20th National Congress in April 2022. The statement notably did not change that status, so he remains a delegate, and is still expected to be endorsed for an unprecedented third term.

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China Coup Rumours : Much Ado About Nothing

Right now, much has been made about a short video showing military vehicles heading towards Beijing, and over 9,000 flights getting cancelled across China.

However, these “evidence” of a coup in China have not withstood serious analysis.

To top it off, the CCP just continued about its business like nothing happened. This “election” of all 2,295 delegates to the 20th CCP National Congress only goes to show that it’s business as usual in China.

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