A Celebration Of Auntie Connie

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My Auntie Connie passed away from the Big C in Singapore this morning. My mother couldn’t make it in time to see her before she passed on. But we are all glad that we had the opportunity to get together with her just over a year ago. Even it was just for a short while, it will be a memory that we will cherish forever.

Auntie Connie with her Malaysian cousins a year ago
Auntie Connie with her Malaysian cousins a year ago

But we should not feel sorry for her. Instead, we should celebrate her spirit. She fought a good fight and left on her own terms. My mother reports that she looks very serene with a smile on her face. That is exactly how we should remember her.

When she took a turn for the worst in the middle of May, I wrote this to her :

Hi Auntie Connie,

I’m really sorry we cannot be there with you.

I also wish I was writing to you under happier circumstances.

But I know you’re not one to hide from the cruel realities of life. Nay, you don’t just face them head on, you take them on with a cheeky grin and a devil may care attitude.

That’s what makes you so special. So inspirational.

There are always “fighters” but you are one of the very few who take on the Big C with so much cheery gusto. Words cannot describe how much admiration and yes, envy, we have for your remarkable spirit.

That’s why I know with absolute certainty that you’re now tackling this latest challenge with a cheeky grin.

Even so, we all get the curtain call sooner or later.

I want you to know, Auntie Connie, that when it’s your turn to take a bow, we will all be there with a standing ovation.

With the greatest admiration, Adrian.

I hope she left knowing that we are all giving her a standing ovation for a life well lived!

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