Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Car / Plane Crash?!

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Celine Dion just died suddenly in the hospital after a tragic car or plane accident?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In An Accident!

People are sharing YouTube and TikTok videos claiming that Celine Dion just died in a hospital after a tragic car / plane crash, with titles like :

A few minutes ago in London / Died in a car accident / R.I.P. legendary singer Celine Dion

Stopped breathing 10 minutes ago / Celine Dion dies in hospital / goodbye Celine Dion

Very sad 10 minutes ago / Singer Celine Dion dies in hospital / goodbye Celine Dion

30 minutes ago / The family announced the sad news of Legend singer Celine Dion / Farewell in tears

5 minutes ago! Millions of people cried over the sudden death of Singer Celine Dion, sad details…

5 minutes ago / R.I.P. Talented singer Celine Dion passed away at the age of 54, goodbye and rest

Celine Dion Passed Away A Few Minutes Ago At Her Home. Funeral Held In Hollywood For 3 Days

A video is coming forward that a famous name is in the headlines that a famous singer Celine Dion passed away in a plane crash.

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Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Hospital?!


Truth : Celine Dion Never Died Suddenly In Hospital!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by people to generate income from page views and YouTube advertising, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Celine Dion Is Still Alive + Well!

Celine Dion (born Céline Marie Claudette Dion on 30 March, 1968) is very much still alive, as of Saturday, 29 April 2023!

That was when her team posted the trailer for the romantic comedy movie, Fall In Love Again, that will be released in theatres on May 5, 2023… with 5 new songs from Celine Dion!

Fall in Love Again with a rom-com made for the big screen! 💕
Starting next week, #LoveAgainMovie, with 5 new songs 🎶 from Celine is exclusively in movie theatres.🎥
– Team Celine

Of course, you guys want “proof of life”, right? Well, the legendary Celine Dion herself posted on Wednesday, 12 April 2023, a short video announcing the release of her new single!

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Fact #2 : No Legitimate Media Outlet Reported Her Death

These YouTube videos have been circulating for weeks and months, but people don’t seem to notice that no legitimate media has reported her death or car accident!

When Celine Dion announced that she was suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome, the media breathlessly reported it around the globe.

Celine Dion is not just a famous singer. She is legendary. If she fell and broke a nail, you can be sure that celebrity blogs would have excitedly reported it, if not the mainstream media.

Yet, no legitimate media outlet or even a celebrity blog reported that Celine Dion was involved in any car accident, much less died in a hospital after a tragic car crash. That’s because it never happened!

Fact #3 : The Photos Were Edited

I analysed the photos used in these videos, and traced the origin of two examples used in many of these videos.

This is a pretty good Photoshop effort, although you have to wonder why Celine Dion would still have her makeup on!

The truth is the fake news created edited the photo of Jan Key – a 65 year-old lady from Kalamazoo, Michigan, who was hit by a car on November 21, 2019.

The photo was taken by her daughter, Kitty Jenkins, on November 26, after Jan Key underwent a second surgery for her broken arm and collarbone. She underwent emergency surgery five days ago to treat her broken leg.

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Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Hospital?!

This photo, on the other hand, is a pretty bad Photoshop edit.

The fake news created used one of the many photos taken at the August 2018 funeral of Oliver Dragojević – a famous Croatian singer and composer.

To make it look like a Celine Dion funeral, the fake news creator added Lady Gaga appearing to cry, and unbelievably – René Angélil was edited in, with a portrait of Celine Dion magically floating in front of him.

For those who are not aware, René Angélil was Celine Dion’s manager who eventually married her on December 17, 1994. The only problem is – René Angélil died many years ago – on January 14, 2016 from throat cancer!

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Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Hospital?!

But I would like to give a special Bad Photoshop award to the fake news creator who came up with this gem.

Not only did he/she use the visage of a smiling Celine Dion, it was stitched on so badly, it’s really, REALLY funny!

Celine Dion, who was supposed to be dying in hospital from a terrible car accident, not only has both her eyes open and smiling, it looked the accident smashed her face sideways!

What a terrible, terrible Photoshop edit! If you are going to cheat people, at least put in some effort!

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Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Hospital?!

Fact #4 : Celine Dion Death Hoax Is Driven By Fake Fact Check Too

This Celine Dion death hoax is, ironically, also being driven by a fake fact check article by the MediaMass Project, which keeps “updating” the dates in their fake fact check article:

News of singer Céline Dion’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the April 2023 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. Thankfully, the singer best known for hit songs like S’il suffisait d’aimer, My Heart Will Go On or Pour que tu m’aimes encore is alive and well.

Rumors of the singer’s alleged demise gained traction on Friday after a ‘R.I.P. Céline Dion’ Facebook page attracted nearly one million of ‘likes’. Those who read the ‘About’ page were given a believable account of the singer’s passing:

Their claim of a viral R.I.P. Celine Dion Facebook page is false. There is no such Facebook page. It is their standard fake fact check spiel for fake celebrity deaths.

The statement from Celine Dion’s unnamed rep confirming that he is not dead is exactly the same as statements from other celebrities whose reps MediaMass claimed were victims of death hoaxes, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Dolly Parton, Lucy Liu, and Melanie Laurent.

She joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. She’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet.

Hidden in the description page for the MediaMass Project is a disclaimer that they are a “satire” website. That’s the usual “cover” for websites peddling fake news.

Regardless of their reasons, anything posted by MediaMass.net must be considered as fake news, until proven otherwise.

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Celine Dion Just Died Suddenly In Hospital?!

Fact #5 : This Is Just Fake Celebrity News

This is yet another example of fake celebrity news created to generate page views and money through advertising, just like these examples:

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