Charity Scam : Current List Of 79 Reported Scammers!

Charity Scam : Current List Of Reported Scammers!

Malaysians are generally a generous lot with a big heart, which makes us easy targets for the charity scam – one of the most popular scams circulating on social media.

Thanks to Sabrina LY Tan, we collected a large list of reported scammers, so you can check if you have been targeted by a charity scam!

We will keep updating the list, so check back for updates, and do let us know if you spot a new charity scam!

Charity Scam : Current List Of Reported Scammers!


Charity Scam : What Is It?

A charity scam is one in which a scammer will impersonate a real charity or a real person in need, to get you to donate money.

The charity scam is designed to take advantage of your generosity and compassion. So many scams make use of real pictures of people who are disabled or sick.

if just a thousand people 

Charity scams are very profitable, especially those that are employed online, because it is so easy for these scammers to create a Facebook page, and for people to transfer money online.

If just a thousand people give a token sum of RM 10 (~US$2.50), that becomes RM 10,000 (~US$2500) – easy money for nothing more than an hour of work.


Charity Scam : How To Avoid It?

While many of us want to help people in need, you should NEVER send money to a charity that you have not first verified to be a genuine charity.

You should certainly NOT send money to any person, without first confirming that he/she really needs the money for that critical surgery or medication.

It doesn’t matter if you are just sending a small token sum. Even ringgit / dollar you send them quickly becomes a substantial amount, and worse, encourages them to create new charity scams.

In Malaysia, you can also use this Commercial Crime Investigations Division page* to check if a bank account number or telephone number has been reported to the Royal Malaysian Police.

* However, please note that the CCID database is not comprehensive, because scammers can easily change their bank accounts and telephone numbers. Also, many victims are unaware they were scammed, and thus never reported them to the police.

The safest thing to do is NOT to send anyone money. Visit them directly to ascertain their authenticity, and donate directly to them.


Charity Scam : Current List Of Reported Scammers!

Note : What we are sharing below is a list of reported scammers that concerned netizens have compiled online in Facebook groups. They may not necessarily be 100% accurate, so please use them as guides on people you need to verify before sending any money.

Sources : Yik Weng Chin | Share Fraud Group | Presley Won

Reported Names Bank Accounts
Ang Chin Tat CIMB 707136796
HLB 27650047557
Ang Sian Chun Maybank 157344158041
Ang Hui Wen HLB 18350158636
Bak Chau Ming CIMB 7070545607
Cheong Chun Teng Maybank 157223340899
Chin Chee Keong CIMB 7070587346
Cheong Tet Chew Maybank 162441062168
Cheah Cheang Huat HLB 27650047557
Chan Kok Leong HLB 19450106775
Chai Chee Meng Maybank 151397134604
Fo Pui Kwan Maybank 514132537500
Goh Zi Peng Maybank 157335113091
Public Bank 6455298708
HLB 29350113222
Goh Kah Wing HLB 15550126941
Jasper Resources CIMB 8008699158
Kok Kai Meng Maybank 108105071324
Kong Kok Fui Maybank 108039137103
Looi Wang Seng Maybank 512521151700
Law Duan Han Maybank 164230453303
Leng Wai Hoe CIMB 7071589201
Lee Soon Chiang Maybank 512820075778
Love Benefaction Service Ambank 100730079502
Love Care Nursing Centre Ambank 100730079104
Maung Zeng Hao HLB 20300013371
Ng Hui Xion Maybank 107161966640
Ng Chee Onn Maybank 151101414612
Peng Zi Yen Maybank 108270066737
Poh San Yee CIMB 28601005860
Shu Cheat Bin Public Bank 6410088200
Sun Healthcare Centre Ambank 8881026181486
Tan Wei Yap Public Bank 4692197024
HLB 19701024843
Tan Chee Yee Public Bank 6407493636
Thio Megawati HLB 04550164681
Tan Shiang Man CIMB 7069376063
Tan Chen Lin Public Bank 6900757801
Wong Hiam Choong CIMB 7069929334
Loo Seong Tong CIMB 7069403648
Kuei Chun Long CIMB 7064360975
Ng Kok Heng Maybank 108093085326
Teoh Yung Tai Maybank 164249177530
Intan Sara Amirah MayBank 156094434053
Ng Liew Public Bank 4406412608
Yap Zhao Wei Maybank 151285006529
Kam Lee Li Public Bank 6445213307
Jeffrey Kee Kok Choon CIMB 7071345073
Aw Wai Loon HLB 37401006156
Chow Chung Wai Maybank 164801073236
Ng Kim Choy CIMB 7072984854
Sing Kun Foong Public Bank 6911783516
Chai Kok Hoe HLB 31400016167
Gan Sok Kuan Public Bank 6897372331
Ng Boon Hui CIMB 7072264225
Chai Kok Weng RHB 10809800162232
Teh Kah Poh Maybank 164409725229
Ang Zi Xiang Maybank 164249196183
Yong Chin Yeow HLB 02451047603
Loh Chia Min Public Bank 6413970123
Ng Kah Wai Maybank 114281245612
Cheng Pei Feng Maybank 107424116827
Lee Jia Wei Maybank 112072124341
Hew Chin Han HLB 12500041323
Chin Zi Hao CIMB 7073630664
Soo Kai Hang Maybank 151017548598
Desmond Chee Weng Kiat HLB 26900020665
Bernard Yap Ee Chai HLB 06250225220
Loh Yoek Ha Maybank 112027941393
Ng Sheng Zhan Maybank 164856074932
Peng Zi Yen Maybank 508300238454
Low Chain Thien (Abdullah) Maybank 162021802266
Teo Mei Lin Maybank 155087297106
Sim Zhi Yew (Shen Zhiyao) Public Bank 6482344412
CIMB 7073855324
Tan Chun Hui Maybank 112380276501
Yong Chee Hong Maybank 162526451823
Low Jun Kiat Maybank 162021776875
Lee Gee Hong CIMB 7631810388
Poon Kok Being CIMB 7059990605
Choo Wai Hong RHB 16803800081511
HLB 21550139688
Tan Yee Hong CIMB 70736077
Keow Li Chean PBB 6425449014
Chong Jun Ming HLB 22651037736


Charity Scam : Reported Scammers + Their Scams Part 1

Note : What we are sharing below is a list of reported scammers that concerned netizens have compiled online in Facebook groups. They may not necessarily be 100% accurate, so please use them as guides on people you need to verify before sending any money.

Ang Chin Tat (爵士堡)

Reported Bank Accounts :

  • CIMB 707136796
  • Hong Leong Bank 27650047557

Charity Scam Ang Chin Tat 01

Ang Hui Wen (善心善报)

Reported Bank Accounts :

  • Hong Leong Bank 18350158636

Charity Scam Ang Hui Wen 01

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