Check MySejahtera Even If You Failed To Get AstraZeneca 2.0!

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If you failed to get a slot in the AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine programme, you should still check MySejahtera anyway.

That’s because many people who failed to get a slot just discovered that their application actually succeeded!


Failed To Get AstraZeneca 2.0? Check MySejahtera Anyway!

Many people had trouble getting a slot for the AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine programme when it was opened up to people below 60 years of age.

Not only was it delayed, people soon found that it was impossible to open up the list of available slots, even with a lot of frustrated banging on their keyboards and phone displays!

But today, many of them are reporting that they were issued vaccine appointments in their MySejahtera, even though they thought they failed to get into AstraZeneca 2.0!

Here are three examples sent to us – each one thought they failed in registering for AstraZeneca 2.0, but somehow received their vaccine appointments anyway!

So just keep an eye out on MySejahtera, even if you thought you failed to get a slot in the AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccine programme. It is possible that your application went through, but the system was too jammed to show you the Thank you message.


How To Check For AstraZeneca 2.0 Appointment In MySejahtera?

For those who are not sure, here is our step-by-step guide on how to check for AstraZeneca 2.0 appointments in MySejahtera!

  1. Make sure you update to MySejahtera 1.0.28 or later before you proceed.
  2. Open MySejahtera.
  3. Tap on the Close button on the upper right corner of the default Check-in screen.
  4. You should see the MySejahtera main screen, and it should show you a new COVID-19 Vaccination option.

How To Register For COVID-19 Vaccine On MySejahtera!

  1. Tap on the COVID-19 Vaccination option and it will show you this information display.
  2. Tap on the first option – Vaccine for [your name here] – to start with the registration process.

How To Register For COVID-19 Vaccine On MySejahtera!

  1. You should now see your first dose appointment details – the location, date and time.


Prepare For Your AstraZeneca 2.0 Appointments!

Before you go for your AstraZeneca 2.0 vaccination appointment, please make sure you bring :

  • Your MyKad / passport
  • Your smartphone with MySejahtera
  • A pen and something stiff to write on – there are no writing tables there!
  • A face mask to wear!
  • A list of your medications, in case you need to consult the doctor there
  • A bottle of water, in case you need something to drink

You can also read about the AstraZeneca vaccination process at these three vaccination centres :

UKM Bangi Vaccination Experience By Sharmine Ishak!


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