One-Stop Child Development Centre In North Klang Valley

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Page 1 : The Child Development Centre, Kiss The Rain by Abigail Ang, Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan, Dr. Susan Tan


On the 28th of May, 2016, ParkCity Medical Centre unveiled their new Child Development Centre (CDC). The culmination of years of work, the Child Development Centre (CDC) is a one-stop centre that will provide comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment and intervention for children with special needs. They aim to :

  • Use a interdisciplinary team approach in the assessment of the child to ensure accurate diagnosis, followed by an integrated intervention program
  • Provide psycho-emotional and psycho-educational support to parents and caregivers whose child is newly diagnosed with developmental delay
  • Become an advocate for the children and their parents and caregivers to ensure that their rights are protected, including special privileges and inclusivity by the government in educational and social environment systems.
  • Contribute towards public awareness to promote inclusivity of children with special needs in daily life activities

The launch was graced by Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan and Dr. Susan Tan, who gave two short talks on “Early Intervention… The Next Step” and “Helping your child to be the best that he can be“.

One-Stop Child Development Centre In North Klang Valley

But the highlights were the kids who were so special in their own ways. There was a special keyboard performance by Abigail Ang, and an art exhibition by Anthony Lee – both whom have developed their amazing skills despite being on the ASD spectrum. There was also a cupcake decoration demonstration by Junior Chef Leah, who taught herself how to bake to raise funds for her younger sister, Adele, who suffers from cerebral palsy.

It was truly an amazing experience. Join us as we take you through the launch of ParkCity Medical Centre’s new Child Development Centre.


“Kiss The Rain” By 13 year old Abigail Ang

ParkCity Medical Centre kicked off the event with a piano rendition of “Kiss The Rain” by 13 year old Abigail Ang. Diagnosed with autism at 4 years old, Abigail benefited greatly from early intervention, which included taking up music lessons and arts & craft lessons.

Abigail has since developed a strong interest in playing the piano, drawing and making soft clay figurines. She also enjoys swimming and being in the water.


Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan : Early Intervention… The Next Step

Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan is a renown Consultant Developmental Paediatrician who specialises in diagnosing and treating children with autism, ADHD, ADD, behavioural problems, cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders. She was the first speaker of the day, and she talked about something dear to all parents who have children with developmental delays – early intervention. Check it out!

Dr. Rajini has a waiting list as long as her professional credentials – MBBS HONS (UK), M MED Sc (Leeds, UK), MRCP (UK), MRCPCH. So if you want to learn more about early intervention and autism, check out our article “Autism And Special Needs Q&A” which we conducted with Dr. Rajini.


Dr. Susan Tan : Helping your child to be the best that he can be

Dr. Susan Tan Mooi Koon is a published Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, with interest in depression and mental health issues in children and teenagers, as well as liaison psychiatry. At the launch of the new Child Development Centre, she spoke about helping our children to be the best they can be. Check it out!

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