Child Kidnapped & Smuggled In A Cardboard Box

Recently, people started posting pictures of a child kidnapped and smuggled in a cardboard box. According to them, the child was being smuggled from Malaysia to Thailand, and the perpetrators were caught at Bukit Kayu Hitam border checkpoint. Horrifying, isn’t it?

Child Kidnapped & Smuggled In A Cardboard Box

Needless to say, it went viral. Tens of thousands of people shared it out – all horrified about the cruelty of sedating, and binding up a child like that to be smuggled across the border. Many even recounted the tales of how these kids are then amputated and made to beg for their “masters”, or sold as sex slaves, in beautiful Thailand.

Updated @ 2016-08-01 : There is a new version of the hoax being shared on WhatsApp. Here is the edited version :

Reminder to all ……… today Merciful God has shown good lesson to us all…. my friend lost her daughter 1 week ago and this afternoon, she was found in Bukit Kayu Hitam….

The police stopped a lorry carrying chickens….. On the lorry, there were 6 kids. 3 of them still unable to talk.

They were injected with a substance and were to be exported to Thailand where they will be killed for their organs. They were each packed in boxes and placed in the center of the lorry.

The lorry was carrying chicken and the stuffed boxes with the children hidden in the middle.

Driver was a Malay man and truck owner Chinese. Please ensure safety for our children. Do not let them wander far from you.

Updated @ 2016-11-09 : Here is a new version that is now circulating on WhatsApp. Note how the story stayed the same even, though the picture was changed to show two dead children.

Like many things being shared by “concerned netizens” on the Internet, both warnings are not true, of course…


This Child Was NOT Kidnapped Or Smuggled In A Cardboard Box

Big surprise. Yet another Internet hoax. If I get a cent for every hoax that comes along… Oh well, you can always click on our ads. 😀

Seriously though, this child was NOT, repeat… NOT kidnapped or smuggled in a cardboard box into Thailand to be sold as a sex slave or a beggar; or harvested for her organs.

Just because some person on the Internet said so, does not mean it’s true.


Are You Saying Those Photos Are Fake?

Sadly, no. Those photos are real. But the child was not kidnapped, or being smuggled in a cardboard box into Thailand.

In fact, the photos were not even taken in Malaysia or Thailand, but in Indonesia. You can actually tell that from the pictures being shared on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Eagle-eyed pundits may notice that there is an Indomie noodle packet in some of the pictures. But that brand is available in Malaysia, so it’s not indicative of a location.

The cardboard box itself though is the real clue. It has a prominent name – SanQua. SanQua is an Indonesian brand of bottled water produced by PT. Tirta Mas Perkasa. It is not sold in Malaysia or Thailand, only in Indonesia.

Child Kidnapped & Smuggled In A Cardboard Box

The girl was not rescued from a failed kidnapping and smuggling attempt. She’s dead. The cardboard box was an attempt to hide her body from discovery. In fact, if you inspect the pictures, you can see rubbish (like that Indomie noodle packet) surrounding the box.

Her story is tragic, and disturbing. If you have the stomach for it, you can read our story on her case. If not, just take it from me – these are NOT pictures of a girl who was kidnapped and smuggled in a cardboard box to become a beggar or sex slave, or an organ donor.

If you see anyone sharing this hoax, please tell them to STOP!
Show Putri and her family some respect!


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