Was This Amazing Female Robot Dancer Created By China?

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Is this amazing female dancer a robot created by China for a dance show in Shanghai?

Watch the viral video for yourself, and find out what the FACTS really are!


Was This Amazing Female Robot Dancer Created By China?

Countless people have been sharing this video of this amazing female robot dancer with a human / robot partner on social media and on YouTube. It is often paired with a short explanation in (broken) English.

Can u believe that this female dancer is robot ? The dance was held in Shanghai n it lasted only 5 minutes but the queue was 4hrs n cost 499 Yuan!

It has surpassed Japan in complexity, and saw its perfect facial expressions. Send this video to everyone to watch, let us enjoy together…


Amazing Female Dancer Is Not A Robot Created By China!

The agility and grace of this female dancer, and her facial expressions, are incredible because she is really a human being, and not a robot made by China.

Fact #1 : That Was A WDSF Competition Video

That video was recorded during the 2018 World DanceSport Federation Championship in Lithuania.

The initials WDSF (World DanceSport Federation), as well as recording date, can be seen at the upper left corner of the video.

Is This Amazing Female Dancer A Robot Created By China?

Fact #2 : The Dance Only Lasted A Minute

Even though the fake message claimed that dance lasted for 5 minutes, it really only lasted just over a minute in the video.

Fact #3 : They Are Lithuanian Dance Champions

Both dancers are actually Lithuanian dance champions. The female dancer is Ieva Zukauskaite, while the male dancer is Evaldas Sodeika.

2018 World Dance Federation Championship - Ieva Zukauskaite and Evaldas Sodeika

Fact #4 : 499 Yuan Was Old Entry Price To Shanghai Disneyland

The fake story claimed that the ticket to watch this performance costs 499 Yuan – about US$73 / £55 / RM303. That would be ridiculously exorbitant for a short dance.

In truth, that was “copied” from the two earlier hoaxes (here and here) about robot dancers at the Shanghai Disneyland.

Even that was not accurate, because 499 Yuan was the cost of an entry ticket to the Shanghai Disneyland when it first opened in February 2016.

Since 6 June 2018, it has been priced at 399 Yuan (off-peak), 575 Yuan (peak) and 665 Yuan (peak holiday).


Why Would Someone Create This Fake Story?

With China’s aggressive foreign stance in recent years, it is not uncommon to see such fake stories being created and shared.

Some believe it’s part of a concerted attempt to burnish China’s image overseas.

Others believe the many fake stories are being created to drown out the negative coverage of China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, and their aggressive moves in the South China Sea.

Whatever the reasons may be, it is our duty as global citizens to stop the proliferation of such fake stories.

Please share this fact check with your friends, so they know the truth!


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