Did China Catch Lab Workers Paid To Spread COVID-19?!

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Did China just catch 250 lab workers who were paid by the West to spread COVID-19?!

Take a look at the viral claim, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : China Caught Lab Workers Paid To Spread COVID-19!

The Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛) and pro-CCP netizens are now promoting a video as evidence that 250 lab workers were just caught spreading COVID-19 in China for Western countries!

China wonders why there is no end to covid, it turns out that there are 250 laboratory people who are accomplices of the West to spread the virus, have been arrested by the police, it can be confirmed that the punishment is death by firing squad.

Western countries have a cheap & effective way to stop China’s progress. . .

Did China Catch Lab Workers Paid To Spread COVID-19?!


Truth : China Did Not Catch Lab Workers Paid To Spread COVID-19!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created and propagated by the Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛), and pro-CCP netizens, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Video Was Taken From Kuaishou

The original video was posted on Kuaishou – a Chinese short-video platform like Douyin / TikTok, by a user called 水果花花 (Fruit Blossoms) on November 30, 2022.

Fact #2 : Video Was About Fake / Wrong PCR Test Results

My Mandarin isn’t good, but with a ton of help from Chai, I was able to determine that the video was not about lab workers spreading COVID-19 in China.

Instead, the narrator of the video was talking about a person called Zhang Shanshan who is backed by Zhang Hezi (who may or may not be her father) who owns a company which conducts PCR tests.

Unfortunately, the company was found to be falsifying test results, because they can make more money from more testing. Allegedly, that is why whenever they open up a new testing centre, there is a surge of COVID-positive cases.

The video did not mention anything about these lab workers spreading COVID-19, only that they were falsifying or making mistakes in PCR test results.

Here is a rough transcript of what the narrator in the video was saying:

On the 27th (November), Zhang Shanshan was said to be connected to 35 Nucleus Gene Technology, which was related to the incident of PCR test forgeries.

This company is Lanzhou Huaxi, which Zhang Shanshan was the supervisor. Based on the research of netizens, Zhang Shanshan was backed by Zhang He Zi, who owns 62 companies, of which 33 was managed by Zhang Shanshan.

According to info, Zhang He Zi enrolled into China Medical Univerity, specialising in DNA. After his Masters, he setup one of the first DNA test labs in China.

In the recent years, they opened 37 PCR test centers all over China. The strange thing is – wherever they open (a test centre), there will be outbreak in that area. And within a few days of the company registration, mass nucleic acid tests were ordered. Their business was skyrocketed. If there is no dark secret behind this, they must be really good at prediction.

Questions raised:

1. In 2022, sixteen He Zi Huaxi companies were setup. Registration time was within these 3 months.

2. What’s the greatest is – being a new setup company with unconfirmed capital, they managed to dominate the local nucleic test business, which should be an open tender by the government. Within just 3 months, they managed to expand their business empire and predicted the trend of COVID spread. After their business registration, the local city started to have outbreak and mass testing – which was the reason of the Lanzhou test results inconsistency. This is not an isolated case.

If this has become a business, the pandemic will never end. We must break this profit chain in order to have the air of freedom again.

Incidentally, here are some translations of the labels in the video:

后梅当初 : Back then
被告人: 希望审判长 少判我一点 : Defendant: I hope the presiding judge will give me a milder sentence
被告人: 少判我一点 : Defendant: Please give me a shorter sentence
一副手铐 锁住一个人 : A pair of handcuffs for each person

Fact #3 : Arrested Lab Workers Not Accused Of Spreading COVID-19

The lab workers, including Zhang Shanshan, were arrested because they were accused of giving false PCR test results, either intentionally or due to negligence.

They are all from the Chinese testing company called Shenzhen Nucleus Gene Technology Go. which is being accused of falsifying or improperly conducting PCR tests.

To be clear – the lab workers were not accused of helping Western countries spread COVID-19.

Fact #4 : There Were Only 8-9 People In The Video

If you look carefully at the video, there were only 8-9 lab workers who were standing trial in that courtroom.

There is no evidence of 250 lab workers being arrested in China for falsifying or mishandling PCR testing, never mind working for Western countries to spread COVID-19.

Fact #4 : Shenzhen Nucleus Gene Technology Co Is Under Investigation

Shenzhen Nucleus Gene Technology Go. (核子基因科技) is currently in hot water after on-site inspection by local authorities in Lanzhou (in the northwest province of Gansu) found inconsistencies in their PCR test results.

On November 25, 2022, the Lanzhou Municipal Health Commission reported that when they transferred people who tested positive in tests conducted by Nucleus Gene, some of them had green health codes which meant that their PCR test was negative.

Their investigation found that the staff of the Lanzhou Huaxi laboratory (华曦医学检验灾验室, owned by Nucleus Gene) mistakenly entered the wrong information into the health code database.

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Did China Catch Lab Workers Paid To Spread COVID-19?!

Fact #5 : Nucleus Gene Accused Of Multiple Crimes

Chinese media outlets have accused Nucleus Gene of crimes like manipulating test results to create demand for more tests.

Since April 2020, Nucleus Gene has been fined at least 10 times for mishandling test samples to lying and manipulating test results, as well as forging medical certifications.

Nucleus Gene was also fined for hiring unqualified personnel to handle test samples, and wrongly labelling people as COVID-19 positive.

Fact #6 : Zhang Shanshan Allegedly Supervises 38 Testing Companies

After recent Nucleus Gene testing controversy came to light, Chinese netizens began looking into its supervisor, Zhang Shanshan.

They found that Zhang Shanshan allegedly supervises 35-38 medical testing companies across China, most of them only registered in recent months.

In fact, the Lanzhou Huaxi laboratory was only registered in August 2022, with a capital of 10 million yuan (US$1.4 million), and immediately secured a large contract to provide PCR testing in Lanzhou.

Netizens joked that, “Where her company is found, that’s where a pandemic breaks out!”, and “Give an umbrella seller the ability to make rain, will the rain stop?”.

While it is not confirmed, Zhang Shanshan is allegedly the daughter of Zhang Hezi, who owns Nucleus Gene – the parent company which was established in Shenzhen in 2012.

He [Zhang Hezi] told us himself that he had a daughter who was studying abroad. He didn’t say what his daughter’s name was. My friends said his daughter’s name is Zhang Shanshan.

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Zhang Hezi Nucleus Gene founder

Fact #7 : This Is Just Chinese Propaganda

This is just another example of Chinese propaganda created by the infamous Chinese 50 Cent Army (wumao, 五毛).

All of the wumao articles and videos that I looked at so far have proven to be false… at every instance. So please watch out for such false claims.

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