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Fact Check : Chinese Man Attacked Over COVID-19 Racism!

Did a Chinese man get assaulted in New York City over anti-Chinese sentiments and COVID-19 racism?

Find out what happened, and what the facts really are!


Claim : Chinese Man Attacked In NYC Over COVID-19 Racism

In the graphic video, which we will not show, a Chinese man can be seen being assaulted in broad daylight in New York City.

Instead, we will share these three screenshots, with the HOAX overlay to prevent further misuse :

The video is accompanied by this message :

👆 This happened in New York, the police was watching! No one came to the rescue, including the Chinese bystanders!

Very sad and very angry.

The evil of the West, particularly the Americans, to blaming the Covid-19 on China, has begun spreading anti-Chinese feeling across the Western societies.


Chinese Man Attacked Over COVID-19 Racism : TLDR Summary

For those who just want the short and sweet answers :

This is most definitely NOT a case of COVID-19 racism, which is real, as this incident demonstrates : COVID-19 Racists Attacked Student On Oxford Street!

Jonathan Mok after a COVID-19 racist attack on Oxford Street


Chinese Man Attacked Over COVID-19 Racism : The Facts

Here is a detailed examination of the case, and why we know it’s a hoax :

Fact #1 : The Video Is Genuine

First, we should acknowledge that the video is genuine, and was not doctored in any way.

It truly shows a Chinese man being beaten in broad daylight in New York City.

Fact #2 : The Incident Happened In 2016

The assault did not happen recently, but in mid April 2016 – almost four years before COVID-19 racism started becoming a thing.

Fact #3 : The Officers With White Hats Are Traffic Enforcement Agents

The hoax claims that New York police officers (with white caps) stood by while the Chinese man was assaulted.

It is true that the uniformed officers did not interfere, but that’s because they are really NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents, who do not have the right to arrest anyone.

Just 2 minutes into the video, you can see a police officer arrive, and he promptly arrested the assailant.

Fact #4 : Another Man Did Intervene

The hoax claimed that no one intervened, not even the Chinese bystanders.

The fact of the matter is, just 20 seconds into the video, another Chinese man can seen intervening.

And arguably, the Traffic Enforcement Agents can be seen about a minute into the video, stepping between the two men.

Fact #5 : The Assailant Isn’t Even American

The assailant, identified as Moises “Montress” Gomez, isn’t even American. He was an immigrant who just arrived in New York City.

Fact #6 : The Assailant Was Drunk

According to a report of the incident, Gomez was drunk (allegedly with a tequila shooter and four large beers) when he entered the Carol’s Bun restaurant at 139 East Broadway.

He threw a tantrum when he was asked to leave, flipping the bird and punching a wall. Gomez finally left when the victim, Mr. Wong, called the police.

Wong then followed him out, and flagged the traffic police for help. That was when Gomez attacked him from behind.

Fact #6 : Gomez Was Jailed + Deported

In March 2017, Judge Mark Dwyer sentenced Gomez to two years in jail, with an additional three years of probation.

However, the probation was moot because ICE will deport him at the end of his jail sentence.


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