Chulia Street Pubs + Cafes Closed After New Year Eve Parties!

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Several pubs and cafes on Chulia Street were shut down for a week, after New Year Eve celebrations there!


Chulia Street Pubs + Cafes : New Year Eve Parties!

The Malaysian government had already forbidden mass gatherings for New Year Eve celebrations, but some people just don’t care.

A viral video showing New Year Eve revellers celebrating at cafes and pubs on Chulia Street in Penang went viral recently.

Chulia Street Pubs + Cafes Closed After New Year Eve Parties!

The video showed crowds of people sitting inside and standing outside cafes and pubs on Chulia Street, without adequate physical distancing and some are not even wearing face masks!

Earlier that day, the Ministry of Health announced 2525 new COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths, for a grand total of 113,010 cases and 471 deaths. Yet these revellers do not seem to care.

Chulia Street Pubs + Cafes Closed After New Year Eve Parties!


Chulia Street Pubs + Cafes Closed After New Year Eve Parties!

It looks like the Malaysia Ministry of Health took action on some of the cafes and pubs on Chulia Street, shutting them down for breaking the RMCO SOP.

At least four cafes and pubs were ordered to shut down for a week. It remains to be seen if the other pubs and cafes were similarly shut down for breaking the SOP.


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