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Civil Servants : Fixed Allowance Cut For 3 Months!

The government of Malaysia just announced that they will cut the allowance of the civil service for 3 months!

Find out what’s going on!


Government To Cut Civil Service Allowance For 3 Months!

On 31 May 2021, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, announced a 3-month pay cut for all ministers and deputy ministers, channelling them to the COVID-19 disaster trust fund.

On 1 June 2021, the Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia issued a press statement, stating that civil service will cut up to 50% of their fixed allowance for 3 monthsas a manifestation of their solidarity” with the cabinet’s pay cut.

The amount of allowance cut will vary according to the pay grade, but will be for 3 months – presumably from June to August 2021.

Grade Contribution Allowance Period
JUSA A and above
50% ITK 3 months
JUSA B 20%
JUSA C 10%
44 to 56 5%
29 to 41 RM 10 ITKA

Only civil servants of pay grades 28 and below, and frontliners are exempt from “manifesting their solidarity”.

Frontliners, in this case, are defined as those who received COVID-19 allowances.

This 3 month allowance cut is expected to generate RM 30 million towards the COVID-19 Disaster Trust Fund.


Official Statement On Civil Service Allowance Cut

Here is our English translation of the Chief Secretary’s official statement :


On 31 May 2021, the Prime Minister announced the Additional Strategic Program To Strengthen The People And Economy valued at RM 40 billion over the previous programs. Many initiatives have been announced to strengthen the national healthcare system, deliver additional aid to affected people and businesses.

The Prime Minister also announced that every Minister and Deputy Minister will not receive their salaries for 3 months as a sign of their concern, and contribution towards this noble cause.

As a manifestation of the civil service’s solidarity in this matter, part of the fixed allowance (ITK) for Upper Management and Grade 44 through Grade 56, as well as fixed civil service allowance (ITKA) for Grade 29 through Grade 51 that civil servants are currently enjoying will be contributed to the Disaster Trust Fund. Contributions from over 800,000 civil servants (not including frontliners and Grade 1 to Grade 28 civil servants) are estimated to be worth over RM 30 million.

A circular and implementation details will be issued in the near future.

We understand that civil servants are the backbone of the Government in this fight for lives. This contribution is a sign of solidarity of the civil service in supporting the efforts of the Government to fight and defeat the COVID-19 pandemic in our Country. May this sacrifice bring goodness to the lives of every civil servant and our families.

Let’s continue working to increase our commitment to deliver the best possible service to the people and Country, and help ensure our success through this difficult time.

Tan Sri Mohd Zuki bin Ali
National Chief Secretary


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