Is The Cloud Antelope From Another Dimension?

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The world is full of wondrous creatures, and the Internet is full of incredulous hoaxes and amazingly gullible people. The latest to amaze netizens is the Cloud Antelope.


Is The Cloud Antelope From Another Dimension?

A lady called Sharifah Rossa Massmia posted a picture of the Cloud Antelope on Facebook, and hundreds of people immediately shared it. Check it out :

Is The Cloud Antelope From Another Dimension?

In her post, she claimed that it was a creature from another dimension living in the jungles of Amazon and Africa. Here’s an English translation of her post :

This is yet another wondrous creature from another dimension. You can’t call it a dog. Many wondrous creatures are found in the jungles of the South American Amazon, or Africa.

Usually, a simple correction would have alerted the gullible person that all is not as it seems… but it looks like many people actually believe that creatures like the Cloud Antelope actually exists…

Is The Cloud Antelope From Another Dimension?

#Facepalm I cannot believe I have to actually PROVE that the Cloud Antelope does not exist… Oh well…


The Cloud Antelope Is A Doll

Tha Cloud Antelope is the creation of WMWyvern, a doll creator who specialises in “posable creatures and dragons“. She created the Cloud Antelope in 2014. Here is the post she made in DeviantArt.

Is The Cloud Antelope From Another Dimension?

If you feel that the Cloud Antelope is too emaciated for your liking, CMWyvern came up with a number of other “wondrous creatures” that you may prefer. Check out her amazing work!

  • Nebula Antelope - CMWyvern
  • Grassland Lemur Dragon - CMWyvern
  • Orange-Masked Pup - CMWyvern
  • Silver Fox - CMWyvern

Of course, you need not hike through the jungles of Amazon or Africa to catch hold of these wondrous creatures. Just commission CMWyvern to make one for you! 😀


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