Heavy Vehicles + Speed Limit Reduced During CNY 2022!

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Malaysia has limited or banned heavy vehicles, and reduced the speed limit for the CNY 2022 holiday rush!

Here is what you need to know!


CNY 2022 : Heavy Vehicles Banned / Limited!

The roads and highways will be jammed packed during the coming Chinese New Year 2022 holidays.

To mitigate the problem, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) issued a directive banning or limiting heavy vehicles during Chinese New Year 2022.

This directive will be enforced on four days (not including the two CNY public holidays) :

  • Before CNY : 30 and 31 January 2022
  • After CNY : 3 and 4 February 2022

Category 1 : Total Ban

  1. Car carrier, tipper, dumper and tipping trucks whose fully-loaded weight exceeds 7,500 kg, low loader, pole trailer, bulk cement tanker, platform trailer, lumber lorry, heavy wheeled machinery and tractor.
  2. Lorry carrying cement, steel, stone, sand, earth and other construction material, tin tailing, tin ore, coal and other mining ores.

Category 2 : Banned From 12 AM to 8 AM

  1. Container lorry, except for container lorry carrying goods from ports or airport to and from industrial area within the same state.
  2. Lorry carrying electronic and electrical / industrial goods to and from the port or airport to the industrial area.
  3. Lorry carrying oil palm and rubber goods from the plantation to the industrial area.
  4. Empty cargo lorry travelling home.

Category 3 : Banned From 6 PM to 6 AM, Within 25 KM Of Construction Site

  1. Moving crane and cement mixer lorry


  1. Heavy wheeled machinery and moving cranes are given exceptions for emergency work.
  2. Any vehicle carrying goods not mentioned in this directive are allowed to travel during this period.

Heavy Vehicles + Speed Limit Reduced During CNY 2022!


CNY 2022 : Speed Limit Reduced!

As part of Ops Bersepadu, the Works Ministry (KKR) will reduce the speed limit for federal and state roads by 10 km/h.

From 25 January until 8 February, these will be the new speed limits :

  • Federal roads : 80 km/h
  • State roads : 70 km/h

Heavy Vehicles + Speed Limit Reduced During CNY 2022!


CNY 2022 : Speed Limit Enforced Using In-Car Radar + iCOPS!

The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) will also use In-Car Radar and the iCOPS vehicle plate scanner to enforce the speed limit.

From 28 January until 6 February 2022, PDRM will carry out the 17th Ops Selamat, using Expressway Mobile Patrol Vehicles (EMPV) equipped with both systems.

The In-Car Radar system will be used to make sure all road users abide by the speed limit, while the iCOPS system will be used to check if a driver has any outstanding summonses or traffic arrest arrests, or whether the vehicle was used in any crime.


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