Colombian Health Minister Walks Back Antivax Comments!

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Colombian Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo just walked back his “anti-vaccine” comments!

Take a look at what he said, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Colombian Health Minister Slams COVID Vaccines!

People are sharing a video, which shows the Colombian Health Minister, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, calling the COVID-19 vaccines “experimental”

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Health Minister of Colombia, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo slams experimental vaccine in an astonishing outburst!

We are playing with the lives of Colombians, we cannot be a factor of experimentation. All of us who are vaccinated today, today, with the exception of those who took Sinovac,

I have three from Sinovac, all the new technology is a technology and all the vaccines entered here without permission, we went and became an experiment.

All Colombians who are vaccinated served for the largest experiment that has been carried out in the entire history of humanity.

We cannot continue experimenting with the Colombian community, much less with the indigenous people, with the blacks and with the poorest of this country, with the peasants.

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Colombian Health Minister Walks Back Antivax Comments!

What you may not realise is that the Colombian Health Minister quickly walked back his “anti-vaccine” comments. Here is what you need to know…

Fact #1 : Viral Video Appears Legitimate

The video appears to be legitimate, and recorded during a political control debate in the First Commission of the Colombian Senate on Tuesday, 28 November 2023.

In that video, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo – the Minister of Health and Social Protection of Colombia – claimed that Colombians were vaccinated against COVID-19 as part of the “largest experiment in history”, referring to the approval and use of mRNA vaccines before their full approval by regulatory agencies like the FDA and EMA.

Fact #2 : Guillermo Jaramillo Walked Back His Antivax Comments

After the Minister’s video went viral, organisations like the Association of Epidemiology of Colombia expressed their disagreement with his claims. They pointed out that his comments contradict scientific evidence, and will jeopardise trust in COVID-19 vaccines.

Guillermo Jaramillo then officially responded to the criticism, clarifying that he was only referring to the “experimental phase” that mRNA vaccines went through. He also affirmed his “consistent support for vaccination“, and emphasised the importance of “timely vaccination” and the “completion of vaccination schemes“.

Colombian President Gustavo Pedro also defended the Health Minister, labelling accusations that Jaramillo is “anti-vaccine” as “slander”.

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Colombian Health Minister Walks Back Antivax Comments!

Fact #3 : mRNA Vaccines Are No Longer Experimental

mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna underwent and passed large clinical trials, and received their Emergency Use Authorisations (EUA) in December 2020.

Regardless of what people claim – the mRNA vaccines were no longer experimental, once they received their EUA.

There are some differences between an EUA and a full FDA approval, but the EUA means the vaccines have officially been approved for use by the health regulator.

While Guillermo Jaramillo suggested that the Sinovac vaccine is not “new technology”, it is still a new vaccine that underwent the same clinical trials as the mRNA vaccines. I should point out that the Sinovac vaccine never received EUA or full authorisation from Western health regulators like the US FDA or EMA.

Fact #4 : mRNA Vaccines Received Their Full FDA Approval

In any case, the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna received their full FDA approval on 23 August 2021, and 31 January 2022 respectively.

So there is really no reason for anyone to claim that these mRNA vaccines are still experimental. Even if you “believe” that the mRNA vaccines were “experimental” until they received full regulatory approval, we crossed that bridge a long time ago.

To be clear – the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have long ceased to be experimental.

Fact #5 : mRNA Vaccines Proven Safe + Effective

No vaccine or drug is perfectly safe, or perfectly effective. But the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have proven to be safe and effective for the vast majority of people.

Not only did they pass their large clinical trials with flying colours, post-marketing monitoring showed that they remained safe and effective for the vast majority of people after tens of billions of doses have been administered worldwide.

Yes, post-marketing monitoring have shown that the mRNA vaccines can cause rare side effects like myocarditis. But what anti-vaccine activists don’t tell you is that – the risk of developing myocarditis is much higher with COVID-19 infections!

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