The Correct Postcode For Mutiara Damansara

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The issue of Mutiara Damansara’s postcode came up several times in the past.

The original S&Ps and land titles in the past used the postcode of 47800. But newer developments use the 47810 postcode.

So which is the correct one?

A long time ago, I asked a staff member of the Pos Malaysia branch at IPC, and was told that 47810 was the correct postcode. However, the issue was considered unresolved because there was no “black and white evidence”. In addition, many Mutiara Damansara residents had been using the 47800 postcode, and still do with no issues.

There was also the claim that 47810 was actually meant for Kota Damansara, not Mutiara Damansara. As a result, this issue would cropped up now and then during discussions between MD residents.

In any case, I think I now have the “evidence” to prove, once and for all, that 47810 is the current and correct postcode for Mutiara Damansara. 😀

The Actual Postcode For Mutiara Damansara
The Actual Postcode For Mutiara Damansara

According to Pos Malaysia’s online Postcode Finder, Mutiara Damansara, which is Petaling Jaya Utara section 7 (hence, PJU 7) has the postcode of 47810, the same postcode as Kota Damansara (PJU 5). It appears that 47800 is the postcode for Bandar Utama (PJU 6).

So, fellow Mutiara Damansara residents, please switch to 47810. Your friendly neighbourhood postman thanks you. 😀

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